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Personalized golf products are extremely popular and well received, but who wants to hand out a logo’d tee that gets destroyed before delivering your brand’s message?  

Aiming for an item with a long shelf life and high-perceived value is going to be most effective for this audience.  Whether sponsoring a Scramble golf tournament or rewarding V.I.P. clients you will see on the course, one custom product you can’t go wrong with is the laser engraved 7-function Stainless Steel Golf Tool!

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According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, logo’d writing instruments are the most commonly owned (50% of U.S. consumers own at least one) and the most often used promotional product at 18.2 times per month.  

Picking the “write” personalized pen or pencil to promote your business should start with who is going to be receiving it.  An executive pen snob who prefers the smoothest laser engraved Schaefer Carbon Fiber Roller Ball, or attendees at a trade show who may snag several walking by?  Custom Bic Tri Stic pens are one of the most popular and affordable styles.  They also happen to be a personal favorite of mine!  Here are just a few of the reasons why:

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Are you using a custom mouse pad right now?

A new study shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of working Americans use a computer at work, and 84% say it is essential to their jobs.  As computers become more prevalent in our lives and occupations it is opening up prime real estate for one of my favorite promotional products: full color custom mouse pads.

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The words digital vs offset printing on blue background

Digital vs. Offset Printing

Being an educated print buyer can save your company big bucks when it comes to deciding between digital vs. offset printing.

Thanks to advancements in digital print technology, you have more options than ever before to advertise with high-quality collateral. Knowing the advantages and limitations between digital vs. offset printing can save your company thousands of dollars, and a bottle of Tylenol! Deciding factors can be your artwork, order frequency and deadline requirements. One example is that heavy ink coverage can be troublesome for a digital machine. Offset printing will yield a much better quality, but a higher price on smaller quantities. You may need to decide if quality or price more important.

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dream ink Voted 2nd Most Affordable Graphic Design

The 2nd Most Affordable Graphic Designers in Chicago

We’re aiming for #1!

dream ink’s designers voted the 2nd Most Affordable Graphic Designers in Chicago by!

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Presidential Promotions From 2012

How Do Presidential Promotions Effect the Polls?  With the election behind us, we thought it would be a great time to analyze what promotions may have influenced our voting decision.

From heated debates on job creation and taxation, each Presidential candidate in 2012 had a clear strategy to reach those most likely to vote for their party.  Presidential promotions and personalized products were prevalent through each campaign.  This was also the first election in which social media played a pivotal role in their promotions.  What issues evoked the most emotion from you?  How was the message reinforced by their advertising?  What medium was your decision influenced by?  Take a look at the list below to see the many ways each candidate used to reinforce their corporate identity:

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Woman drinking coffee wondering about choosing the right designer

Choosing The Right Designer

“People ignore design that ignores people.” -Frank Chimero

While the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is often advised, rarely do our brains practice this theory in making purchasing decisions. We often gravitate towards products with the most attractive packaging, sold by the most recognizable (and inherently trusted) brands. This is why choosing the right designer for your marketing materials is essential to developing an effective brand image with memorable ad campaigns that will not only connect with your target audience but help convert them to loyal customers.

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Haunts Against Hunger Food Drive

Ghouls, giveaways and glow in the dark shirts!

This years events included haunting the Hollywood Boulevard Cinema and recruiting several new drop-off locations to collect non-perishable food items.  dream ink supplied graphic design, print and promotional products to the non-profit organization to raise awareness of their cause.  We used glow-in-the-dark t-shirts to draw attention at events which were mostly in the evening and perfect to generate conversation.

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 Paying lip service to custom lip balm.

While custom lip balm is the perfect promotional product for any season, summer is the time to step up your target audiences SPF protection!  From salons and spas to dentist’s offices and trade show giveaways, getting your logo near the lips of those most likely to love your products and services is easier than you think.  For less than a buck per piece, you can find logoed custom lip balm made in the USA with:

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Person looking at phone book pages on computer screen for online advertising

Digitally Speaking – Online Advertising

Online advertising is the new phone book.

As the world consumes iPhones, iPads, and iPods at a rapidly accelerating pace, it appears we are moving to a paperless society in which your product or service will need to be advertised through magic screens and megapixels to maintain market share.  Just don’t go investing every penny of your marketing budget in online advertising just yet… and here’s why:

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