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Are you using a custom mouse pad right now?

A new study shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of working Americans use a computer at work, and 84% say it is essential to their jobs.  As computers become more prevalent in our lives and occupations it is opening up prime real estate for one of my favorite promotional products: full color custom mouse pads.

These are fantastic for promoting the launch of a new website, handing out at trade shows, or simply building brand loyalty by rewarding your clients with a gift of appreciation.  While pens and small trinkets with a low perceived value may get tossed or lost, quality custom mouse pads are rarely discarded and last on average six months to five years.  That is a lot of daily impressions your logo will attract not only from the intended receiver, but from their co-workers as well!

FACTS mouse pad FINAL

Full color custom mouse pads are affordable, effective and available in a wide ranges of sizes, thicknesses and shapes.  Free set-up and stock backgrounds are available with our supplier, Bic Graphic, who offers low minimum orders of 100 pcs. and very competitive pricing at $2-5 ea. for standard styles. These are printed and assembled in the United States which allows for a quick 3-5 day turnaround and exceptional service as well. There are higher end leather mouse pads and executive gift sets available from other suppliers, but the full color fabric tops are certainly the most affordable and popular.

dream ink printed full color custom mouse pads to build brand loyalty and promote our company around March 2008.  The average life on a clients desk was two to three years, but many lasted over four years.  See the cloud-inspired design above!  They received great feedback and we plan on printing them again very soon.

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