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Presidential Promotions From 2012

How Do Presidential Promotions Effect the Polls?  With the election behind us, we thought it would be a great time to analyze what promotions may have influenced our voting decision.

From heated debates on job creation and taxation, each Presidential candidate in 2012 had a clear strategy to reach those most likely to vote for their party.  Presidential promotions and personalized products were prevalent through each campaign.  This was also the first election in which social media played a pivotal role in their promotions.  What issues evoked the most emotion from you?  How was the message reinforced by their advertising?  What medium was your decision influenced by?  Take a look at the list below to see the many ways each candidate used to reinforce their corporate identity:

TV:  The first Presidential debate attracted 67.2 million viewers.  That’s nearly 22% of the entire U.S.!

Radio:  Both campaigns advertising heavily on adult contemporary stations targeting women voters in the last week before the election.

Print:  Political postcard mailings, wide-format banners, buttons and stake signs are three of the biggest products purchased during a campaign.

E-mail:  Both candidates utilized e-blasts to procure donations and build brand loyalty.

Optimized lists:  99% of candidates running for (any) office will purchase an optimized mailing list based off of demographics and psychographics.

Social Media:  Obama is known as the “Social Media President” for being more engaged with the online audience on YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Personalized Products:  Both candidates have e-commerce selling hundreds of promotional products:
Obama for America | 2012 | Store  •  (Mitt Romney has taken down his website)

Phone:  Who is tired of the robo-call?  If you interupt dinner for a recording, you have a slim chance of getting my vote.

After all this filibustering about promotions and politics… dream ink for President?

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