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Digital vs. Offset Printing

Being an educated print buyer can save your company big bucks when it comes to deciding between digital vs. offset printing.

Thanks to advancements in digital print technology, you have more options than ever before to advertise with high-quality collateral. Knowing the advantages and limitations between digital vs. offset printing can save your company thousands of dollars, and a bottle of Tylenol! Deciding factors can be your artwork, order frequency and deadline requirements. One example is that heavy ink coverage can be troublesome for a digital machine. Offset printing will yield a much better quality, but a higher price on smaller quantities. You may need to decide if quality or price more important.

Deciding between digital vs. offset printing for your business needs depends on a multitude of factors.  How often will you order?  How quickly does your order need to be in-hands?  Do you require Pantone ink matching?

Here are a few pros/cons to consider when shopping for the best print method for your materials:

Offset printing:

  • Lower per piece cost as volume increases
  • Better image quality
  • Capable for printing on a wide range of materials from paper and cloth to metal and plastic

Digital printing:

  • Eliminates costly plate/set-up charges
  • Quick turnaround
  • Personalize each piece with variable data printing and image customization

Working with an experienced print buyer who has an extensive knowledge of press capabilities and competitively bids each project with several sources is often the best way to go.  Your local print shop may quote your project for the equipment they have in-house, compared to a broker or marketing agency that will most likely have pre-established relationships or shop for the best deal.

Have a question on digital or offset printing for your business?  Leave a message in the comments or contact us to get an answer.

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