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Personalized golf products are extremely popular and well received, but who wants to hand out a logo’d tee that gets destroyed before delivering your brand’s message?  

Aiming for an item with a long shelf life and high-perceived value is going to be most effective for this audience.  Whether sponsoring a Scramble golf tournament or rewarding V.I.P. clients you will see on the course, one custom product you can’t go wrong with is the laser engraved 7-function Stainless Steel Golf Tool!

Lets face it; if your target audience is spending $75 to hang out on a finely manicured lawn for a couple hours, it’s going to take more than a personalized, penny-sized plastic ball marker to make an impact. Custom tees, markers, balls; these all have a relatively low-perceived value to the golfer; but a quality laser engraved golf gift will stay with them for many rounds and years to come.  This stainless steel golf tool is 3 5/8″W x 3/4″H  and has seven functions:
  • Divot Repair Tool
  • Knife
  • Ball Marker
  • Cleat Tightener
  • Nylon Brush
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Split Ring Keychain
The high-quality laser engraved logo creates an eighth function as an effective and unique promotional product to build your brand.  If a stainless steel golf tool is not in the budget, consider full color golf balls, towels or tees that can be just as effective to create a positive interaction with your client or lead on the course.  dream ink has worked with an outstanding local wholesale supplier of custom golf products for nearly a decade, Golf Tee Printers.  Click on the link to visit their website for a wide range of extremely affordable personalized golf products and call us for a quote today!

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Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.

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