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5 Ways to Improve SME Branding written on Scrabble titles

5 Ways to Improve SME Branding

Small/medium enterprises are often plagued by a lack of manpower and/or budget when it comes to the marketing department.

While the biggest brands in the world often have the biggest budgets, your SME can not only compete but flourish by making informed decisions, promoting great design, and concentrating on the channels proven to be most successful.  Many SME’s have great ideas without the knowledge of technology or advertising techniques to use them effectively.  Others have a large budget that is spent inefficiently, promotes an uninspiring creative effort, or executed poorly.  So what are a few ways to improve SME branding?

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Modern chair on yellow background with words Why Great Design Matters To Your Business below

Why Great Design Matters To Your Business

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” -Howard Luck Gossage

Great design can be the difference between communicating your message or losing your audience. Many judge a book by it’s cover, and many consumers judge a brand by it’s marketing. Businesses that want to compete in today’s marketplace need to understand the importance of quality design.  Whether it is the simple and intuitive design of your company’s website, or the elegant layout of an informative infographic, the time and effort businesses put into design matters.

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Create walking, talking billboards for your business with custom temporary tattoos.

Advertising can be expensive.  Radio spots, magazine spreads, pay-per-click advertising; they can costs thousands of dollars to implement.  But what if I told you advertising on a human being costs less than a nickel per person?

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The word dream in black followed by the word ink in ink in 3d

dream ink Launches New 3D Logo Design

dream ink launches new 3D logo design!

The dream team has done it again.  The evolution of the dream ink logo continues as we give it the 3D treatment!  We have always kept a “similar” look to the logo over the years, finding a fitting process to improve it every few years.  We also created other versions we will debut later in the year; just “think ink!”  Thanks to advancements in print technology, printing a full color 3D logo is quick and affordable.  Since most businesses are moving to the web with their marketing budgets, a 3D logo design is a great way to stand out from the competition.

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Picture frame with mailbox on green background for mastering the art of direct mail marketing

Mastering The Art of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing and the art of attracting your audience.

While social media and SEO dominate the marketplace for techniques to build your brand, don’t neglect or abandon your offline audience who still pine for paper!  A personalized postcard full of (tangible) money-saving coupons is still one of the most effective ways to brand.  So what factors are most important when planning and executing a direct mail marketing campaign?

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 Paying lip service to custom lip balm.

While custom lip balm is the perfect promotional product for any season, summer is the time to step up your target audiences SPF protection!  From salons and spas to dentist’s offices and trade show giveaways, getting your logo near the lips of those most likely to love your products and services is easier than you think.  For less than a buck per piece, you can find logoed custom lip balm made in the USA with:

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