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Create walking, talking billboards for your business with custom temporary tattoos.

Advertising can be expensive.  Radio spots, magazine spreads, pay-per-click advertising; they can costs thousands of dollars to implement.  But what if I told you advertising on a human being costs less than a nickel per person?

Custom temporary tattoos are a perfect promotional piece to build brand loyalty for mere pennies-per-impression.  They can generate buzz about your brand at an event or be used as a low-cost, mail-friendly thank you to donors of a non-profit.  Printed full color on one-side with a customizable black ink backside for tattoos instructions, your website and marketing message.

Lets crunch the cost-per-person numbers on the 1.5″ square size:

  • 10,000 qty. = $315 = .032 cents per piece
  • 5,000 qty. = $177 = .035 cents per
  • 1,000 qty. = $122 = .12 cents per

Calculating the cost-per-impression is impossible for this promotion.  How many people will they show off your tattoo to?  Will they post it to social media and tag your business or non-profit?  Pass one off to a friend or family member who becomes a lifelong fan?  The possibilities are endless!

Our go-to custom temporary tattoo tailors are California Tattoo.  They offer free set-up and fifteen standard custom tattoo sizes along with thousands of stock image tattoos.  Click on the link to view their full product line or call us today for a free quote!


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