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6 Content Marketing Channels to Increase Your Bottom Line

A strong content marketing campaign attracts customers on the web. But it’s clear that in 2017, there is still some confusion as to what that means.

A recent survey at HubSpot found that 79 percent of businesses believe that the use of content marketing is either very, or quite effective. At the same time only 6 percent were definitely sure how to implement content marketing.

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Four Elements To A Successful 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

With more consumers spending time online and on social media sites, 2016 is as good of a time as ever to ramp up your content marketing efforts.

Many small to medium-sized businesses struggle to keep up with the competition’s million dollar marketing budgets, especially in a less than perfect economy. The good news is that struggle doesn’t have to financially bleed small businesses. Content marketing and strategic content promotion can easily level the playing field between businesses of varying size.

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YouTube screen in background with best practices and strategies for YouTube optimization text on top

Best Practices & Strategies For YouTube Optimization

With a user base of over 1 billion, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with hundreds of millions of hours spent watching videos on a daily basis.

When looking at YouTube from a business marketing perspective, it’s one of those social platforms that have unlimited potential and can be easily seen in a space that your business needs to have some sort of presence on.  While having access to its massive audience seems fantastic, the challenge that presents itself is how to break through the 300 new hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every day and catch the attention of not only a decent sized audience but the audience that you want to target. Below are some best practices for optimizing your YouTube content and profile to set your business up for success on this ever-growing video platform.

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Content Marketing Is Still King

Here ye, here ye!  Content marketing is still King!

From captivating case studies to viral videos, your content marketing strategy can make or break your company’s visibility online.  To understand this better, let’s start off with the most important search engine statistic related to content marketing:

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