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Content Marketing Is Still King

Here ye, here ye!  Content marketing is still King!

From captivating case studies to viral videos, your content marketing strategy can make or break your company’s visibility online.  To understand this better, let’s start off with the most important search engine statistic related to content marketing:

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People on racetrack with 4 ways to win at small business marketing as finish line

4 Ways To Win At Small Business Marketing

Many small business owners have little to no experience in marketing, design, or how to cost-effectively promote their business in today’s digital age.

Some may have started their company years ago when phone books were the go-to search engine, and social media marketing was non-existent.  Without an in-house marketing department or the budget to hire an outside agency, the small business owner often feels at a disadvantage.  

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Increase Search Engine Rankings

If you’re looking to increase search rankings for your business but don’t have a huge budget, start with the basics. There are many easy and free or low-cost techniques to begin building a more visible brand online which can have a significant impact on search engine rankings. Here are just a few that can be done internally, quickly and with little to no financial commitment.

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5 Marketing Stats You Should Know

The dream team presents five eye-opening statistics to help our readers make more informed marketing decisions in 2015.  Here are 5 marketing stats you should know!

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