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Woman In Santa Hat Looking At Holiday Promotions More Effective

How To Make Your Holiday Promotions More Effective

December is always brimming with advertisements for Christmas gift ideas, New Year’s Eve festivities, and big box bargains. The market is large this time of year, but it’s also very full – so here are some tips on making your business stand out using easy and cost-efficient ways to make your holiday promotions more effective without a big box budget.

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Pair of conductor's hands directing the words the sweet symphony of successful marketing

The Sweet Symphony of Successful Marketing

A lot of stress has been placed on the digital aspect of marketing in the past decade.

However, it takes more than a beautiful website to win over every consumer. A concert of channels and media must work together to form a consistent message and sound, like an orchestra. When each piece is in tune and on time, a beautiful symphony can be heard (and seen) through your marketing materials and communications.

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Trade Show Techniques Image

Trade Show Techniques That Work

Investing employee time and your marketing budget in a trade show booth without effective trade show techniques can be a disaster.  Your goal should be to create as many positive interactions as possible, whether it be a through conversation or your marketing materials and displays.  Here are just a few ways to enhance ROI and build brand loyalty with basic trade show techniques:

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Social Media Marketing for Business

dream ink Interviewed for Social Media Marketing Article

Advantages Magazine recently interviewed Jason McSweeney, President of dream ink, regarding social media marketing for business. While the traditional methods of print and promotions have been his focus the past thirteen years, his research and implementation of social media may be the key for business’ not only to reach more than 500 million monthly users, but to interact and provide customer service, problem resolution, and better products and services overall with one application: Facebook.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

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