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Marketing Technology Your Business Should Be Using

Maybe traditional media and word of mouth have been successful in driving new leads to your business for decades.

Maybe sales are growing without the aid of a dominating online presence, tweets about your brand, or an effective email marketing campaign. But, if your competition has a better grasp of today’s trends and tomorrow’s technology, they have a tremendous advantage to gaining market share and appealing to the online audience your advertising is neglecting.

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Increase Search Engine Rankings

If you’re looking to increase search rankings for your business but don’t have a huge budget, start with the basics. There are many easy and free or low-cost techniques to begin building a more visible brand online which can have a significant impact on search engine rankings. Here are just a few that can be done internally, quickly and with little to no financial commitment.

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Top 5 Business Website Design Tips

82% of consumers and small business owners turn to the internet first for information about local companies.

Your business website design is either going to capture this consistently growing audience of tech-savvy consumers, or lose these leads to online competition with a more effective web presence.  Converting new visitors to loyal customers will be a challenge if your site is outdated, difficult to navigate, or does not exist.  Here are the Top 5 Business Website Design Tips that will help your brand succeed online:

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