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Non-woven tote bags are owned by 29% of U.S. consumers; and that statistic is from 2012.

Non-woven tote bags are a personal favorite of ours for many reasons.  First, in event settings, the right design and quality material can almost guarantee attendees will be excited to become walking billboards for your brand.  Let them throw your competition’s marketing materials in a sturdy tote with your company logo to gain an edge in overall visibility.  From the initial gifting and physical handing of the tote to the receiver, to the benefit it provides them lugging around catalogs and product samples all weekend, non-woven tote bags continue to promote your brand long after the initial event.  Many are kept for two to three years and in high traffic areas such as kitchens and vehicles.  With the recent plastic bag bans in several cities, eco-friendly alternatives like the non-woven are certain to become more prevalent in the retail environment.

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