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Promotional Products

Image of various custom promotional products like pens, shirts and bagsFord, Disney, and AT&T spend millions in product placement advertising every year- because it works.

Gift giving has not only psychological and extrinsic benefits for the giver, it can create a memorable positive interaction between you and your client that lasts years- even a lifetime.

Custom promotional products are one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods to building audience engagement and brand loyalty. Over 35% of promotional products are kept for two years or more.  Items like engraved Mag-Lite flashlights (with a lifetime guarantee) or branded mouse pads stick around for much longer.  These retain the positive interaction you create with the in a tangible item they will carry home, in the car and at the office.

dream ink specializes in procuring unique, thoughtful, high-quality custom promotional products to build your brand. We have access to over 800,000 custom products and 4,300 suppliers through the Advertising Speciality Institute.



62% of people claim they have done business with someone after receiving a promotional product from them.
The psychology of gifting brings forth feelings of interest, appreciation and gratitude.  It is your job to create an opportunity for that interaction.

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