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Shirt Collective's homepage WooCommerce website design with model in banner area

WooCommerce Website Design

Selling your products and services online with a WooCommerce website design can be the first step to automating the purchasing process for your company. Shirt Collective was looking for a simple to manage and cost-efficient solution to sell their t-shirts online, and WooCommerce was it.

WooCommerce Website Design

Shirt Collective was looking for a simple to manage and cost-efficient solution to sell their t-shirts online, and WooCommerce was it. By creating a product database, managing price, shipping, and sales across the board are easy. We focused on several key components to creating an enjoyable user experience:

  • High-impact home page
  • Minimal easy-to-navigate design
  • Large product imagery
  • Newsletter Sign up
  • Paypal Integration

These five elements of this WooCommerce website design were important not only to the client but would be to the user. Creating a clean, conversion-optimized experience for visitors is the goal of any website, but especially important for brands looking to compete online. Capturing visitor information with a newsletter signup or blog subscription can be critical to generating and nurturing leads.  Not every user will come to your site ready to buy- in fact, the average is 3%.

Maintaining a relationship with those that show an interest in your products and services can now be accomplished with automated marketing strategies.

Read our post Marketing Technology Your Business Should Be Using for a bit more insight, or contact us to learn more.

Homescreens of desktop and mobile website design for Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders

Mobile Website Design

We created a mobile-friendly version of our client’s site when it was launched many years ago, but over time, Google updated their standards for mobile website design and it required a re-tooling.

The original site was built on WordPress making it an easy conversion from a desktop-only site to a layout that smoothly responds and adapts to any screen size. More than half of all searches come from a mobile device now, meaning it is almost equally as important to have as the traditional desktop version.

Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders stayed ahead of the curve and maintained their visibility in search engines, even as their competitor’s created their mobile sites. We now work with them on a regular basis to keep current on both content and Google algorithms, helping further maintain their placement in search results.

Downers Grove Mobile Website Design

A mobile website design can impact your company’s visibility in search engines. Does your competition have a mobile website design? In the organic results, it’s all about keeping up with the Jones’ with high-quality content.

Our digital marketing specialists are here to keep your online presence current, captivating and conversion-optimized. Contact us today for a free quote.

Homepage of Compressor Services business wordpress website design with air compressor

WordPress Website Design

Compressor Services was looking to update their business WordPress website design with a new look and establish a better brand image for the services side of their company.

Compressor Services WordPress Website Design

First, we researched keywords related to the services they offer to name pages appropriately and create search engine optimized content. After combing through hundreds of WordPress themes for a more aesthetically pleasing design, we found one that stood out. We began our search for industry-specific, engaging imagery that matched the modern design of the website. While a blog, News section and expanded content for the Services pages are planned, the soft launch provided:

  • High impact, conversion-focused design
  • Video feature on About Us page
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Search engine optimized content 
  • Yoast SEO Keyword tool

Why are these five bullet points so important?

While many of Compressor Services’ competitors have outdated, unattractive or barely functional websites, theirs is optimized for any mobile device and is user fun and friendly.  The focus on making information easily accessible and highly visible make the experience easy and enjoyable.

For a free consultation regarding your company’s website presence, contact us today.


Speaker to the left of text for Wake Essentials remarketing ad design

Remarketing Ad Design

Our client was looking to improve the return on investment of their pay-per-click campaigns for wakeboard towers and accessories.

We started by reviewing previous campaign graphics, sales data and benchmarking the beginning of Spring as our launch point for an optimized campaign. We established the Wake Essentials logo was not consistent with the many different sized ads, graphics were sub-par, and the text was hard to read in some ads.

Wake Essentials Remarketing Ad Design

The banner ads pictured were created to begin our campaign of better branding with a more consistent, visible logo, matching font choice. The product is now showcased more prominently with the financial benefits clearly defined, directing the user to a high-impact landing page. Check back in the fall for the results!

The goal of your remarketing ad design should be to attract, impress, and convert. Our dream team of digital marketing specialists understands that conversion-optimized copy and creative design is required to turn clicks to customers.

Whether it’s your first time creating an online advertising campaign, or you have existing ads you’d like to improve, we can help! Contact us today and set up a free PPC consultation.

Man speaking to camera about Unicus Fitness' video marketing project

Video Marketing

Frank Nunez wanted to tell the world about the inspiration behind Unicus Fitness without repeating it millions of times.  The opportunity arose after taking portrait photography of his staff and realizing we had about thirty minutes to spare.

Unicus Fitness Video Marketing Project

We decided to set up an impromptu video shoot. On an extremely limited time frame with two minutes of test shots, we captured our client with a personal and professional piece of video marketing for his brand. We added photos of Frank in his college and bodybuilding years to engage the user with a visual sense of his history, starting as a skinny Michigan fan to a slightly larger Chicago fitness professional.

We uploaded the video to YouTube and embedded on the About Us page of the Unicus website.

Watch the video here.

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words- not to mention it is the most viewed content on the internet.  We can help your company create engaging, entertaining and informational videos your audience will gravitate towards.  Creating a video marketing strategy does not take a Hollywood budget.

Have a video marketing project you’d like to discuss?  Visit our Video Production page or contact us to schedule a free consultation.



Compressor Services email marketing design with air compressors

Email Marketing Design

After working with Compressor Services to organize their online presence and enhance the conversion-friendliness of their website, it was time to tell everyone about it.

Compressor Services Email Marketing Design

We started by optimizing their current email marketing efforts for higher open rates. It succeeded by employing video, limited time offers and infographics to provide engaging content our audience will want to receive- not be bothered with or unsubscribe from.

We are currently focusing on the Atlas Copco line of air compressors. In addition, building awareness of the product line and promoting unique features of the time-tested compressor line. Through effective copy, testing and intelligent planning we have generated sales we hope to turn to long-term relationships with very profitable service contracts for our client.

Listen to Email Marketing Experts

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (EmailExpert)  These results are not often achieved with free email design software and the office assistant’s spare time.

Our email marketing experts devise a strategic roadmap with solid professional email marketing design. This will maximize the effectiveness of this important electronic delivery.

Visit our Email Marketing page for more information, or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Home page of Impact LLS non profit website design

Non Profit Website Design

IMPACT LLS had an outdated website that was not converting visitors or optimized for search engines. For this nonprofit website design, we suggested the WordPress platform so their staff could easily manage content and execute the blog with several authors.

The goal was to communicate the benefits of language immersion and service-based learning through the IMPACT experience.  The site features:

The site features:

  • Ability to accept donations on the web
  • Intuitive, responsive mobile-design
  • Two photo galleries
  • Video and social media implementation
  • High-impact blog 

Future development includes adding cultural workshops on the home page in a similar format to the Causes layout and creating individual pages for each. We will also install the Yoast SEO tool for search engine optimization and set up several different authors for their next trip. The customer will have access to adding or editing photo galleries, page content, and various

We will also install the Yoast SEO tool for search engine optimization and set up several different authors for their next trip. The customer will have access to adding or editing photo galleries, page content, and various another element to keep their site up to date.

Non-Profit Website Design

Many nonprofit website design projects require a brand overhaul. Communicating clearly with their target audience, having a memorable logo, these are important pieces of the online marketing adventure. Our team has worked with many nonprofit organizations to increase their visibility online and off. Contact us today for more information.


Laptop, tablet and smartphone showing a fully responsive website design example

Responsive Website Design

When Google’s search engine rules changed to reward websites that were mobile-optimized, dream ink informed our clients it was time for an update. It was time to convert their current site to a fully responsive website design.

Fully Responsive Website Design

We built Coan Services’ custom WordPress site several years ago and it needed some maintenance. Our main goal was to keep consistent with the current user experience. After spending a few hours customizing the menu bar and individual page layouts, we reviewed the changes and approved with the client.

Before going live we ensured all graphics resized properly for each device and functionality would remain intact. Another fully responsive website design was complete and attracting the clicks of mobile users once again! Click on the link for the original home remodeling website design post.

Want to bring your website up to current search engine standards? Do you understand the difference between responsive and adaptive website design? dream ink’s mobile optimization experts will convert your current site to a fully responsive website design that is more appealing to users and search engines.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Man talking into two-way radio for a web banner advertisement

Web Banner Ad Design

The nation’s largest B2B distributor of Motorola two-way radios hired us to create a click-inducing web banner ad design.

Looking to advertise their new promotion of one free radio with every six purchased, we created a series of high-impact, industry-specific banner ads. These would increase web traffic and visibility with contractors, manufacturers and property managers. They were placed on other high-traffic sites to direct users to personalized url’s that are specific to that audience. This helps increase click through and conversion rates.  It will also increase brand awareness with consumers who have a pre-established trust with the site you are advertising on.

Web Banner Ad Design

dream ink specializes in digital marketing and website development. Along with organic content, paid search and conversion optimization, web banner ad design is an important element of your online advertising. It’s all about arranging pixels in the perfect order to persuade your buyer. Some of your audience will be moved by a stunning visual, others by a price point or product feature. What will motivate your buyer to click?

Want to see more of our web projects? Visit our portfolio page for more examples of web-related projects, or contact us for a free quote.

Image of ACS, Inc. home page for the distributor website design

Website Design

The nation’s largest Motorola two-way radio distributor had a terribly outdated website that simply was not professional or organized enough for resellers to utilize as a selling tool. (See the before and after for a stunning comparison!)

ACS Motorola Distributor Website Design

We recommended WooCommerce for WordPress to build a solid foundation that will not only look great, but have the ability to be managed in-house, reducing their future development costs. The product comparison and savings calculator features allow easy and quick access to information that will help inform the end-user and close the sale.

  • High-impact homepage design
  • Clean and resource-rich product pages
  • Product comparison feature
  • User Market pages aimed at specific verticals 
  • Real-time savings calculator for reducing labor costs

dream ink has developed a majority of ACS, Inc.’s advertising over the past year, from the design of catalogs and e-mail marketing to distributor website design and development. We are currently working with the client to implement 360-degree product photography and establish an image photography catalog with Shotfarm that will benefit all Motorola resellers.

Our team specializes in B2B web solutions and product distributor website design that will improve how you do business with your customers and the way they perceive your brand.

For more information on dream ink’s website design services, contact us today.