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this is an example of Martinelli Eyecare's full color postcard design

Full Color Postcard Design

This full-color postcard design was developed for Martinelli Eye & Laser Center. They mentioned that many eyewear orders sit in-store for weeks, even months, after arriving. The reminder card they were sending was not the most attractive or intriguing, and also smaller than most other mail pieces. This could cause it to be easily lost in the shuffle of daily mail.

Martinelli Full Color Postcard Design

We decided on a full-color postcard design that would peak the receiver’s interest. The unique imagery and humorous headline are meant to catch the receiver’s attention and get a laugh; associating a positive interaction with the Martinelli brand. This would also increase response times for eyewear pick-ups. Printed on a thick, glossy 16 pt. cover stock with UV coating, these reminders were affordable, effective and attractive.

Need a full-color postcard design to promote your company?

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this is an example of a 12-page booklet

12 Page Booklets

These full-color 12-page booklets were designed with the business owner audience in mind. Their target audience was the owners of organizations who could benefit from a financial restructuring.

CFO 12 Page Booklets

The copy and imagery are meant to build a brand image that is highly professional and successful in helping their clients. The cover was printed with a  dull enamel and varnish gloss for the bow tie area to accentuate the corporate-themed cover! These full-color 12-page booklets were printed on a 100# gloss cover stock and saddle stitched for finishing.

dream ink offers full-color printing services that build your brand with high-quality, high-impact marketing materials. Our award-winning design team can walk you through the creation process who are supported by several top-notch print and production sources. Whether you need full-color 12-page booklets or other printing services, we can help! Our Competitive-Bid Software is consistently updated and analyzes the best product, price and production method for each project.

We focus on serving our clients with the best value and service in the Chicagoland area. Visit our Printed Products page for more information or e-mail a member of the dream team today for a free quote!

this is an example of Sedgwick's full color brochure printing

Full Color Brochure

This full-color brochure printing project for Sedgwick Factual Photo, Inc. was designed to exude professionalism. The globally recognized clients the company works for and wants to attract, expect to see quality marketing materials.

Sedgwick Full-Color Brochure Printing

The purpose of this brochure was to explain how the Special Investigations Unit was a benefit to their clients. We recycled content from an old brochure and carefully selected clipart that fit their brand colors. We chose a thick and glossy 130# stock which worked perfectly for standing on tables at trade shows. Furthermore, they were sent to leads from the salespeople.

This brochure printing was plated for the Heidelberg offset press to achieve the best quality reproduction. After being scored and folded down, we delivered these brochures in less than a week.

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We work with our clients to create high-impact marketing materials, from brochure printing to business stationery and presentation folders. Our knowledge of print production and a network of pre-qualified suppliers are unparalleled. In addition, competitive Bid Software and two decades of experiences help make finding the perfect product, press, and production method a click away. Check out the Printed Products page for more info or call today for a free quote!

this is an example of Martinelli Eye and Laser's direct mail postcard

Direct Mail Postcards

These direct mail postcards were designed to promote a new vision plan to the eye clinic’s existing client base.

First, we separated their database into “male vs. female” and used gender-specific designs to generate maximum response. We then used a common two-color backer for cost-efficiency in production costs. The customer requested the large red boxes to stop receivers in their tracks after flipping the card over.

Printed in quantities of 10,000 per version, we then fulfilled a portion of the list each month. The 11.5″x6″ size helped them stick out and above from other mailing pieces found in the mailbox. To promote their website and cater to smartphone users we added a QR code linked to the home page. Printed on a high quality 130# gloss cover stock, these full-color direct mail postcards are perfect for any promotion!

Eye & Laser Direct Mail Postcards

We offer a wide range of mailing services, from optimized lists and design to printing and fulfillment for direct mail postcards. Our award-winning creative staff and EDDM postcard programs maximize the ROI of your direct mail campaigns.

For more information on our direct mail services or printing for your direct mail postcards, call or e-mail today!

This is an example of a a full color mailing insert

Mailing Insert

This full color mailing insert was designed for a commercial printing company looking to promote their new digital printing equipment. These were inserted into invoices and statements before being mailed to clients, as well as presentation folders for leads.

Full Color Mailing Insert

Our design revolved around the “CMYK” colors used in digital printing. The splash concept was developed by our dream team as we wanted receivers to focus on the pricing advantages of digital printing. These were printed on a high-quality 130# gloss cover stock. As a result, the CMYK color scheme really jumped off the page!

These increased the ROI of our client’s postage costs (invoices and statements) while building awareness to the new digital printing capabilities. The $50 incentive increased their traditional response rates and generated immediate digital printing sales to keep their new digital machine running. A creative design and clear call to action can be the two most important elements of any mail piece. In addition, a size that will get noticed over regular mail pieces.

Looking for a full color mailing insert to be designed and printed for your company?

Do your current marketing or mailing materials lack the look or feel you want to present?

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Golden Scissors Business Card Design

Full Color Business Cards

These full-color business cards were designed for the best hair stylists in Wheaton! We designed the “golden scissors” logo used for the men’s cards, while another metallic gold style is used for the women, also featured in our portfolio. These are printed on a thick 14 pt. gloss stock. They feature an uncoated backside providing a writeable surface for the barbers to jot next appointments on. Since the business card was one of the only pieces of marketing materials they use, it was important to communicate a quality brand image.

Full-Color Business Cards

Our economical design and business card printing services are unparalleled; from quick and affordable to elegant and elaborate, the dream team can help you build the perfect business card. We offer a wide variety of affordable and high-quality thermography, offset and full-color business cards. Sure, you can save a few bucks by going online and ordering a business card design that a million other business’ are already using; but as your Marketing consultants, we would never recommend it! Visit our Printed Products page for more information, or call today for a free quote.

this is an example of Amps & Volts' business card

UV Coated Business Cards

UV coated business cards printed for an electrical contractor on 14 pt. gloss stock. Amps & Volts is an electrical contractor looking for a refined, clean corporate image. These UV coated business cards were printed two-sided on a 14 pt. gloss stock with UV coating.

The unique logo and high-quality printing help this client stand out in their extremely competitive industry. The custom “N” with lightning bolts and company name help convey a clear message to the audience that what industry and services they offer. UV coated business cards are an economical alternative to specialty PMS inks by eliminating costly plate charges.

UV Coated Business Cards

dream ink offers UV coated business cards along with a wide range of thermography (raised ink), offset and specialty printed business cards. From linen and specialty stock to plastic and perforated, our dream team can design and print your next business card order.

Our network of commercial and wholesale printers vetted by our Competitive-Bid Software makes purchasing your marketing materials easy and affordable. Our business cards are printed locally by pressman who pays extreme attention to detail and cares about quality. Whether you need digitally printed, double-thick, die-cut or specialty business cards, dream ink can help!

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this is an example of Gemcom Incorporated's postcard design

Full Color Postcards

These full-color postcards were designed to build awareness of Gemcom’s engraved sign services. They were looking for a unique mailing piece that would incentivize current customers who were ordering other products from them and may not have known Gemcom offers engraved signage. Promoting the free shipping deal was also an important aspect for them to promote in staying competitive price-wise with online suppliers.

Full Color Postcards Printing

These were printed on a thick 14pt. high-gloss stock and UV coated over a fire engine red background. This helped the piece stick out from the standard white #10 envelopes and smaller postcards. We also felt anyone who remembered the band Tesla and their song “Signs” would find the reference a humorous tie-in!

Offering an incentive with direct mail campaigns can generate an immediate response and increase the size of orders with customers looking to maximize their discount. Learn more results-driven techniques by hiring dream ink for your next postcard mailer.

Need a graphic artist to design your full-color postcards? Affordable high-quality printing or mailing of your postcards? A more effective strategy for your direct mail campaigns? Visit our Printed Products page for more information, or call today for a free quote or consultation.

this is an example of Martinelli Eye and Laser's appointment card

Appointment Cards

These full-color appointment cards were designed and printed for an eye & laser center with multiple locations that needed to update their marketing materials. The previous design was a bit disorganized and dull so our goal was to liven up their brand image with bright, colorful imagery. Using full-color printing for the front with an uncoated black ink backside to write information.

Appointment Cards Printing

These were both attractive and affordable as we printed over 20,000 for both locations to hand out. Appointment cards are used by nearly every dentist, doctor, salon, barber, and personal trainer. They are often used by dog groomers, pet sitting services, and massage therapists. Does your business need an appointment card?

dream ink has provided print and design services for nearly every industry and application. If your business needs more functional, aesthetically pleasing or cost-effective print collateral, call the dream team today to set up a free consultation. We offer first-class service, award-winning design and high-quality printing at the most affordable rates.

Whether you need appointment cards,  custom playing cards, or any other style of printed card, we can help! Visit our Printed Products page for more custom printed products we offer.

this is an example of Daniel's Plow's high quality business card

Business Cards

Daniels Plows is a nationwide plow distributor that needs to maintain a strong brand image in an extremely competitive field.  Their high-quality business cards were designed for maximum impact and memorability, with bright colors to stand out from the traditional one or two color cards seen throughout their industry.  By featuring their patented plows in high-resolution photos on the back, it is immediately clear the products and applications Daniels Plows offers.  With a high gloss UV coating on thicker than the standard stock, these business cards performed an essential job of presenting the brand professionally.  These high-quality business cards were cost-effective for a small staff of seven employees, and still affordable when only ordering one name or version.

High Quality Business Cards Printing

dream ink offers a wide range of high-quality full-color business cards, from traditional offset and thermography to translucent inks, embossed logos and double-thick, contrasting color paper stocks. Your business card is the first impression of your brand; take advantage by having professionally designed materials printed on a quality stock.  Learn more about the power of a unique, high quality business card printing by reading our blog post, appropriately titled: “A Unique Business Card Generates Conversation”.