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this is an example of Sandi Auto's EDDM postcards

EDDM Postcards

These full color EDDM postcards were the first ever direct mail campaign by this auto and truck repair shop located in Willow Springs, Illinois. Sandi Auto was looking for a mail piece to generate awareness of their location which is not visible from the main thoroughfare. To stay consistent with previous marketing materials designed by the dream team, a bold yellow and black “street” themed color scheme was used for the front.

Since Willow Springs has an old town feel, we used a classic car repairman graphic with an easy to read font, service list and contact information. Since Sandi Auto does not have a website, we utilized a QR code linked to Google Maps so potential customers are able to click once for GPS enabled directions from their smartphone.

EDDM Postcards Design and Printing

Mailing EDDM postcards can save you over 65% in postage! Great for any local business looking to hit specific carrier routes and increase ROI with a cost-effective solution to direct marketing. We specialize in audience targeting, high-impact EDDM postcard design and direct mail services. From optimized mailing lists to implementing QR codes in your next promotion, dream ink makes marketing your business with direct mail an affordable advertising option.

Learn more on our Direct Mail Services page.

Streamline Craftsman EDDM Postcard - Back

Full Color EDDM Postcards

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your local business is with Every Door Direct Mail. This is a locally focused, low-cost postage program from the United States Postal Office.

These oversized full color EDDM postcards were designed to build awareness of a new home remodeling company and incentivize homeowners with cost-saving coupons. We targeted specific residential postal routes that were within a five-mile radius. These full color EDDM postcards were designed to stay consistent with Streamline’s existing materials. Incorporating a QR code and Facebook url allowed users to easily connect with the company via their preferred medium.

Full Color EDDM Postcards Printing

Mailing full color EDDM postcards can save you up to 65% on postage! Great for any local business looking to hit specific carrier routes and increase ROI with a cost-effective solution to direct marketing.

Did you know using a promotional product incentive can increase response rates up to 75%? dream ink specializes in highly effective audience targeting, high-impact EDDM postcard design and direct mail services. From optimized mailing lists to implementing QR codes in your next promotion, we make marketing your business with direct mail an affordable advertising option.

Learn more on our Direct Mail Services page.

Print ad design with dog holding US flag in mouth and company info

Magazine Ad Design

Top Dog Retreat was looking for a print ad to communicate they are a fun, friendly and fantastic retreat for canines.  Their bright and bold brand colors make it easy to create something vibrant, so we just needed to find the right image to get readers attention.  After an intense and frankly ruff screening process, the pup with the flag stole our hearts.  We stole a background from a previous piece of their marketing and went to work making most of our prime real estate.  We included a limited time price incentive to encourage response and we haven’t had any complaints so far!  The magazine advertisement design has been run several times in West Suburban Dog Magazine.

Magazine Advertisement Design

Our award-winning creative team partners with our clients to create unique and effective print advertising.  Many started creating newspaper ads twenty years ago, perfected their craft with retail and magazine ad design, and love the challenge of defining or developing a brand image.  A magazine advertisement design’s value cannot be measured by the square inch- it’s measured by its effectiveness to grab and connect to the reader.  Learn more about print advertising or contact us today for a free design consultation.


Midwest Mechanical Services' business card master

Business Card Masters

Due to the volume of employee business cards Midwest Mechanical Services orders annually, dream ink prints “masters” of the three-color imprint and fulfills individual orders with a one-color imprint.  This saves set-up costs and reduces turnaround time dramatically on each future order!  Normal production time for three-color could be 5-7 days depending on production; instead, each order only takes 48 hours to complete.  The masters are printed in PMS 288, 7489 and 424.  Later, cards only need to be imprinted with the employee information in PMS 424 (grey).  These cards are printed one-sided on a white 100# Cougar Opaque cover stock.

Business Card Masters Design & Printing

dream ink offers business card design, business card masters and imprinting, and business card fulfillment services.  We work with the nation’s largest print wholesalers for the best value on any business card project.  We offer the best prices on full color, thermography, and specialty business card printing.  Call today for a free quote or consultation on how the dream team can help your company make the most informed purchasing decisions when it comes to cost-effective marketing materials!

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this is an example of RTA Enterprises' flyer design

Flyer Design

This flyer design was developed for an accountant looking to drum up new business. RTA Enterprises was looking for a mailing piece to include with a personal letter for their start-up. We worked to identify her target audience, construction, and small business clients, immediately in the bullet points. A clear call-to-action with the free consultation and financial incentive make this flyer design an effective promotional piece. The benefit to their services is clearly outlined above the closing statements; all elements to a great flyer design.  These flyers were printed on a high-quality 100# gloss text and sent to current clients to generate referrals and incentivize leads before tax time.

Flyer Design and Printing

dream ink specializes in developing creative ads for any size business or budget. Our award-winning team of graphic artists are here to help you build your brand with attractive and affordable marketing materials. Whether you need corporate identity materials or other print collateral to build your brand, the dream team can help! Visit our Graphic Design page for more information or contact us for a free quote today!

this is an example of Auto & Home's corporate letterhead

Corporate Letterhead

dream ink prints corporate letterhead for Auto & Home Insurance Agency. The three-color tri-tone logo presents a special challenge and can only be perfected on certain types of printing presses.  Our expansive knowledge of print production guided them to make an informed print decisions.

Due to the tight registration of the three colors, it takes a pressman with a good eye and steady hand to print this logo perfectly! We have worked with this client for nearly a decade for a continuously flawless reproduction of their business stationery and corporate letterhead.

Corporate Letterhead Printing and Design

Presenting a professional brand image with a unique logo can help differentiate your company from the competition. Consumers do judge a book by its cover when making purchasing decisions; that’s why a well thought out logo design, functional website and corporate letterhead can be critical to procuring new leads and customers.

dream ink offers a wide range of options for design and printing of your company’s business stationery. Our full-color letterhead printing and offset printing options offer the most competitive pricing in the Chicagoland area.

Whether you need low-quantities of laser-safe letterhead for your small business, or high volumes for multiple branches, we can help! Check out the Printed Products page for more info on printed products capabilities.

Front of Mindflow Cafe's digitally printed business card

Business Cards

Due to a tight timeline, these business cards were printed digitally for the lowest cost possible on small quantities of several versions. Digitally printed business cards eliminate costly set-up charges and allow for a quick turnaround to meet almost any deadline.

Digitally Printed Business Cards

Thanks to advancements in print technology, even heavy solids and high-resolution graphics print at a high enough quality where the untrained eye cannot tell the difference. We offer high-quality digitally printed business cards that can be printed on uncoated or glossy stock for the same cost.

Want to learn more about how digital printing can help conserve your print costs? Check out our Digital vs. Offset Printing blog post.

Our dream team of print specialists are here to help you maximize your marketing budget with effective and affordable promotional materials. We help our clients make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to print collateral for their company. Whether you need digitally printed business cards, full-color brochures or professional business stationery, we can help! Our Competitive-Bid Software helps you find the perfect product, price, and production method to get the job done.

Visit our Printed Products page for more information, or call today for a free quote!

this is an example of Lance Kammes Realty's business card

Business Cards

Lance Kammes Realty has over thirty agents with almost as many office staff. They needed a cost-effective business card printing solution while maintaining a high standard of quality. The black and white layout helps stand out from the traditional realtor business card design.

On the back, an image of their team of realtors lends a personal touch to the marketing piece. The high-resolution photos and reversed out contact info are a perfect balance for the layout and are easily legible to the receiver. Printed on a four-color press with UV coating.

Business Card Printing

We offer a wide variety of affordable and high-quality business card options. From full-color business card printing to offset and thermography (raised inks), our team can help design or print your company’s business cards.  We even offer translucent inks, double-thick stock, and embossed logos.  Call today to learn more about our business card printing and design services!

Your business card is the first impression of your brand; take advantage of having professionally designed materials printed on a quality stock.  Learn more about the power of a unique, high-quality business card by reading our blog post, appropriately titled: “A Unique Business Card Generates Conversation”.

this is an example of splash postcard design

Postcard Design and Printing

We created this mailing piece for a commercial printer in Batavia, Illinois. The full-color postcard design and printing were used to promote the new capabilities of our client’s newly installed digital printing equipment. We utilized a bright CMYK color scheme that really popped off the page on the high-gloss stock with a catchy tagline to highlight the benefits of digital printing.

The $50 incentive increased their traditional response rates and generated immediate digital printing sales to keep their new digital machine running. The cards were printed on a thick 130# stock and run through an inkjet machine for addressing.

Print Perfect Postcard Design and Printing

A creative design and clear call to action can be the two most important elements of any direct mail marketing piece. Your goal should be to inform and incentivize sales; this can be achieved with full color postcard printing and mailing.

dream ink offers full color postcard design and printing, audience targeting and direct mail services that enhance ROI, increase visibility and build your brand with creative marketing solutions. Whether you need a dazzling direct mail design or affordable printing options, we can help! Call today for a free consultation or visit our Direct Mail Services page for more information.

this is an example of Factual Photo's full color brochures - Cover

Full Color Brochures

We designed these full color brochures for a private investigations firm to use for trade shows and mailing. In their transition from paperwork and physical tapes to electronic billing and digital files, Factual Photo wanted their marketing materials to show they were leaders in technology that would better serve their clients.

Factual Photo Full-Color Brochures

Our goal was to showcase their innovative technology and comprehensive investigation services with a clean, corporate layout. We used their brand colors for the main design elements with the “camera shutter” image from their logo was used as a watermark for the front cover.

The client providing professional photography of their investigators to work with, which saved on costly clipart or image alteration fees. Printed on a 30% recycled stock to generate awareness of an eco-friendly ad campaign, these full color brochures provided a professional promotional piece to hand out at events. With over two dozen trade shows and a consistently growing customer base, these materials were the foundation to communicating a quality brand image for our client.

Whether you need professionally designed full color brochures or other print collateral to build your brand, dream ink can help.

Click here to request a quote or visit our Printed Products page for more information!