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Prince Lawn and Garden's ad design

Print Ad Design

This advertisement for Motorola two-way radios was created to target the lawn and garden audience in the 2015 Prince Lawn & Garden catalog. Communicating that two-way radios are a tremendous benefit to this industry as they often have a small staff covering a large greenhouse with a separated retail check out area.

ACS Lawn and Garden Ad Design

Communicating the benefits of how two-way radios optimized operations is key to converting readers to customers. The bright and colorful image attracts the attention of the pre-qualified lawn and garden reader, the bullet points highlight the benefits of the product, and the content closes with a call-to-action with the 7 Day No Risk Trial.

This ad design is being used for both print and web advertising. Check out our ad in the online version of Prince’s Lawn & Garden catalog.

dream ink specializes in developing advertising that speaks to your target audience. Whether you need a print ad design or series of web banners to promote your product or service, we can help! Our dream team of designers are here to help you create compelling and effective advertising.

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this is an example of MBC Services' thermography business cards

Thermography Business Cards

These dual-process flat ink and thermography business cards were printed for a local home and building maintenance company. The front of the card was printed in flat reflex blue ink, while the back was printed in raised ink. Typically a varnish coat to protect the heavy coverage area of ink would be applied. This minimizes fingerprinting and ink rub-off. For this project, we looked to keep it as affordable as possible so the customer decided against the varnish. The dark blue ink provided a perfect color contrast for the light blue linen cover stock we chose to print on.

Need Thermography Business Cards for Your Business?

Thermography (raised ink) printing is a popular option that adds texture and character to your business stationery or printed piece. In addition, if you are looking for a bright finish, dull matte, or metallic luster from your ink choice, we can help! dream ink offers a wide range of affordably-priced papers and inks for your company’s thermography printing needs.

Looking for thermography business cards fast? Standard turnaround on one-color flat ink and thermography business cards is just 48 hours! Visit our Printed Products page for more info or call today for a free quote!

this is an example of Oury Roofing full color postcards

Full Color Postcards

These full-color postcards were designed for Oury Roofing Exteriors, Inc. to generate business by informing current clients of the insulation services they offer. By educating their audience on the ROI of quality insulation, attracting readers with a bright design and promising considerable savings, readers are more likely to retain the piece for future reference.

The QR code allows easy access their website for tech-savvy users who can save the info on their smartphone. This keeps users engaged with your brand who will keep your website stored in their digital device, even if they lose the postcard itself. Printed on a thick, glossy 14pt. stock, these full-color postcards are sure to attract the receiver’s attention!

Full-Color Postcards Design & Printing

Did you know that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost? Implementing an effective and consistent nurture program, such as those using full-color postcards and direct mail, can have a significant effect on your sales and success. Let our dream team design a balanced approach to keeping your audience engaged with one of our custom made nurture programs. By utilizing full-color postcards, e-mail marketing, web promotions and more, we can help generate more business and enhance visibility with those that matter most. Developing a deeper relationship with those have already put their trust in your brand is essential, and converting those who have shown an interest in your products/services to loyal customers is the key to a consistent nurture program.

Learn more about full-color postcards, design or developing an effective lead nurturing program by visiting our Marketing Services page, or Contacting us today for a free consultation!

Delta Controls' business stationery and printing project

Business Stationery


Delta Controls Chicago recently relocated and needed the new address printed on their business stationery.  Our team jumped into action to get everything complete before moving into the new location!

Business Stationery Printing

All pieces were printed two-color, one-sided.  The letterhead was printed on a high-quality 70# text Classic Crest Solar White stock. The #10 envelopes were printed on the industry standard 24# Printmaster, along with a matching 9×12 envelope (not pictured).  We recommended printing business card masters and imprinting individual names later to save on two-color printing costs every time a new business card was needed. In addition, running multiple lots t the same time save the client considerable cash. These were printed on a 110# cover Classic Crest stock, making the business stationery set complete!

dream ink specializes in creating effective and affordable marketing materials, starting with great business stationery.  From bold, bright and memorable business cards, to laser-safe letterhead and economical envelopes, our print specialists can help you create the highest quality business stationery to build your brand.  We work with local paper suppliers and wholesalers to competitively bid the best value for your materials.  As a result, you get the best price, product, and service. Whether you need the most affordable or most awe-inspiring, dream ink can help!

Visit the Printed Products page for more information on the printed products we offer.

Motorola's full color flyer design

Full Color Flyer Design

This full color flyer design was developed for a two-way radio distributor in Westmont, Illinois. Their B2B marketing focuses on informing resellers of current rebates, dates for promotion and the benefits of instant communication.  While adhering to corporate logo guidelines and keeping a style consistent with previous advertising, dream ink provided a clean and corporate update to their previous promotional materials.

For maximum cost-efficiency in distributing materials to several different resellers, the bottom right area is left blank for the initial high-volume printing.  When individual quantities are determined for release, a logo is imprinted for personalization.  This full color flyer design was printed on a high-quality 100# gloss text stock.

Full Color Flyer Design Services

dream ink specializes in full color flyer design and building your brand with affordable and aesthetically pleasing advertising. Whether you are a small local company or larger corporation, our dream team of design and print specialists has worked with hundreds of companies just like yours to maximize their marketing budget. We will utilize techniques and advertising that appeals to your target audience with effective promotions and memorable marketing.  So what are you waiting for?  Visit our Marketing Services page for more information  or call today for a free consultation!


this is an example of Midwest Mechanical Services' full color flyers

Full Color Flyers

These full color flyers were printed for Midwest Mechanical Services to impress clients and leads with their stunning portfolio of work by creating a series of case studies. This was the first of many! Printed on 100# gloss text, coated on both sides, the dazzling design and engaging content bring vibrant life to the flyer. The layout also utilizes their brand colors in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Having a quote from the client at the top, along with the scale and scope of the project summarized in the lower right, do a great job of directing the reader to the most impactful information.

Need Full Color Flyers For Your Business?

Full color flyers are an affordable and effective way to promote your products and services. We understand that an attractive design is the best way to captivate your audience. Our dream team of designers specializes in creating high-quality marketing materials to build your brand. From brochures and business cards to full color flyers and folders, dream ink can help!

Learn more about our Printed Products by clicking on the link, or call today for a free quote!

Motorola's magazine ad design published in trade magazine

Magazine Ad Design

dream ink completed a two-page print media design for ACS, Inc., a Motorola two-way radio distributor. The goal was to inform resellers the benefits of instant communication while providing a motivating call-to-action with the current promotion/special offer.

By utilizing bold fonts with stark color contrasts and relevant imagery, the ad does a great job of communicating who the products apply to. Displaying the different radio series images builds familiarity with the retailers who need inform customers of the features available. The magazine ad design was featured in the February issue of Cutting Edge.

Magazine Ad Design Services

dream ink specializes in magazine ad design and print media. Our award-winning team of designers are experts at building your brand with aesthetically pleasing and affordable print advertising. Whether you are a small local company or larger corporation, our dream team of design and print specialists have worked with hundreds of companies just like yours to maximize their marketing budget. We will create designs and promotional products to appeal to your target audience with effective and memorable marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our Graphic Design page for more information on our design services, or e-mail us today to set up a free consultation!


Wake boarding world record holders infographic design

Infographic Design

Wake Essentials was looking to drive more traffic to their website.  They were looking specifically for wakeboarders who needed wakeboard towers and accessories!  We devised an infographic design using unique, engaging wakeboarding content. This will be promoted through various channels, blog posts, and e-mail marketing.

Wake Essentials Infographic Design

Our strategy was to promote it to the Guinness World Record holders through social media and personal contact.  Many are active on Facebook and are still involved in the wake boarding community.  This made the content shareable and retweet-able to a very specific audience.  The blog post included a more detailed account of the record breaking feats and video of the Greatest Distance by an Individual.  It also included links to social media profiles of many riders.

Infographics are just one way to catch the eye of your target audience.  Start treating your customers and leads like intelligent human being with intelligent ways to advertise your business. There are only so many times you can say the wake board towers are on sale before loyal customers tune out.

Visit our Graphic Design page for more info, or call to set up a free consultation on enhancing your brand identity with creative advertising.

this is an example of Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders' tri-fold brochure printing

Tri-Fold Brochures

Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders needed to refill their inventory of tri fold brochures and we thought it was a great time to show them off! A majority of our tri-fold brochure printing projects are plated for our Heidelberg four color press for the highest quality reproduction.

Tri Fold Brochure Printing

These were printed on our standard 100# gloss text stock. The design does a fantastic job of presenting their brand in a professional manner while informing their audience on accident-related topics. After being scored to reduce cracking on the edges, we folded down and delivered to the customer in less than a week. We look to update the tri fold brochure design to match the website we recently designed for them in the near future.

dream ink has several full color printing sources to choose from. By using Competitive Bid Software and working with our local suppliers to secure the best product and price to fit your company’s needs, we can help you make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to your print marketing.

Need tri-fold brochure printing or a brochure designed or printed for your company? Whether you need a 100 or 100,000, dream ink will find the perfect press and paper to print your project on. We offer both digital and offset printing options at very competitive rates.

Call today for a free quote or visit our Printed Products page for more information on our tri fold brochure printing.

this is an example of Midwest Mechanical Services' custom envelopes

Custom Envelopes

These three color custom #10 envelopes were printed for Midwest Mechanical Services in Lombard, Illinois. These were printed on a white Cougar Opaque stock to match the rest of their business stationery. Matching the specialty PMS inks was crucial to keeping a consistent brand image between seventeen branches.

Custom Envelopes Printing & Fulfillment

We also supply #9 remittance, #10 window and 9×12″ printed envelopes to this client, along with a plethora of other print collateral. From payroll envelopes that require special window placement to affordable four color envelope printing, dream ink is your one-source solution to cost-effective custom envelopes!

– Best custom envelope pricing in the Midwest

– High-quality offset and digital printing

– Three centrally located facilities throughout the U.S.

– Over one million units ship per day from our Chicago location!

We work with one of the largest wholesaler envelope printers in North America. Thanks to our partnership, dream ink is able to offer unparalleled pricing and service to our national accounts. We offer a full line of custom envelopes from the standard #10, to remittance and fine paper envelopes.

Our dream team is on-call for any size custom envelope order with 24 and 48-hour turnaround available. Learn more about our custom envelopes and printed products by clicking on the link, or contact us today for a free quote!