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Factual Photo logo at top with camera icon in corner of custom notepad printing

Custom Notepad

These two-color notepads have a dual purpose. They are used for handouts year round and become part of a holiday mailer in December. This custom notepad printing includes a chipboard backer with the message “For refills, call…” followed by their phone number. Measuring 5.5″x8.5″ and printed on a 24# white stock, we wanted to create a unique design to reinforce their brand. Using the camera shutter icon from their logo and positioning it in the lower right created a space both the eyes and hands are directed to when writing on.

Custom Notepad Printing

Custom printed notepads are great for giveaways to reinforce your brand.  Our pre-qualified network of print professionals make finding the perfect press and price to meet your needs a phone call away.

Contact us today for a free quote on your custom notepad printing or any other print collateral for your company.

Two sided business card design print project for a client

Business Cards

These three color business cards were created for our client as an upgrade to our existing design.  Our goal to strengthen the brand and draw awareness to the “green” nature of their business extends to every corner of their marketing and print materials, communicating a message without having to say it.

The green flood coat on back with prominent logo is a cost-effective option as business card masters are printed meaning individual orders are processed quicker and production time is reduced by several days.  We also moved to a thicker, brighter paper stock.  From a standard 100# cover to Classic Crest Solar White made a significant difference in both feel and final appearance.

Business Card Design Print & Fulfillment

Print design and procurement for your company should be easy and cost-efficient.  Finding the right press, price and production method for your project is our specialty.  We’ve helped our clients reduce costs and headaches with remarkable marketing materials. This includes corporate stationery, business card design, and fulfillment.  For more information on print media, we can help create, manage and distribute, contact us today.

Booklet design for the Lance Kammes Real Estate company

Booklet Design

The importance of a real estate company’s printed matter and booklet design cannot be understated. Working in-person with their buyers and forming relationships that last weeks, months or years, the tangible printed piece serves as a permanent bond between the individual and their real estate agency. A visually aesthetic presentation of organized materials is what a home buyer expects- it is your company’s responsibility to communicate clearly and effectively through these materials.

Lance Kammes, Wheaton Booklet Design

The Lance Kammes team of realtors were in need of a rebranding to communicate a higher-perceived value of their services.  Their folder for prospective home buyers was cluttered and inconsistent. We took on the job of creating design concepts, re-writing copy over thirty pages and creating a stunning presentation that would instill confidence in their buyers. Their only request was a dark gray and black color scheme to match their current business cards. This allowed the full-color images of homes to stand out and beg for adoration.

The dream team’s booklet designs have been known to turn heads and pages. Our twenty years experience creating powerful print collateral combined with our designer’s experience in print production is unparalleled.  Visit the graphic design page for more info.

Festival Pass Printing

When you only have five days until your event and want to guarantee your festival pass printing project is delivered on time, we know a guy.

Romeoville Festival Pass Printing

These full-color punch cards were needed for the Romeoville Beer & Bacon Festival and would be attached to lanyards of attendees to redeem their beer and bacon. Due to the timeframe, lamination was not an option. We opted for a thick Kromecote stock. The project was digitally printed, drilled and delivered at noon Friday.

Do you know the difference between digital vs. offset printing?  

Being an educated print buyer can save your company or event big bucks. The main advantage to choosing dream ink as your print provider is this: instead of quoting the project on the press we have in-house, we have dozens of local and specialty printers we have established relationships with.

We competitively bid each project and have an extensive knowledge of print production, resulting in optimal results for our clients. From festival pass printing projects to corporate stationery and everything in between, our print professionals can help. Contact us today for a free quote.



High-impact image of car on road for DG Auto banner design

Banner Design

Downers Grove Auto Rebuilders was looking for an eye-catching vinyl banner design for use at local events. The standard logo and phone number on a white banner are boring, we wanted something people would enjoy looking at.

Downers Grove Auto Banner Design

We also knew it would take a classic car and high-impact imagery for the stylish, car-centric audience to gravitate to. After finding the perfect ride we aimed to minimize the text to be unobtrusive to the overall banner design. Printed on a weatherproof vinyl with the latest large format print technology, we were excited to deliver this piece to our client.

Our dream team of designers focuses on communicating a high-quality brand image with every piece of your advertising. From banners and business cards to home pages and catalog pages, we are well-versed in clear communication in branding.

Contact us for more information on our design services, or check out our blog on Why Great Design Matters to Your Business.

Consumers using walkie talkies on cover of b2b catalog design

B2B Catalog Design

This B2B catalog design was developed for a Motorola Development Distributor. Used mainly at events and trade shows, the catalog’s product line is geared for the average consumer and perfect for hardware shelves.

ACS B2B Catalog Design

We started by creating a clean, professional layout that allowed negative space for the two-way radios to breathe. They stand independently for clear definition of features and proportionate size below in-action shots. Both the Motorola and Talkabout logos are prominent and communicate an inherent trust in the brand names. The inside pages were redesigned only slightly from the original as management wanted to keep consistency with previous materials.

It is important to communicate a quality brand image with your company’s marketing materials. From professional product photography to messaging that connects with your target audience.

Our dream team of designers specialize in B2B catalog design and will help your print and event materials communicate a clear, memorable and amazing brand image. For more information on powerful print and design services for your company, contact us today.

A lead nurturing postcard with the Chicago skyline and corporate logo

Lead Nurturing Postcard

The conversion rate of your sales process can be improved with simple techniques such as an effective lead nurturing postcard.

Lead Nurturing Postcard

We worked with Midwest Mechanical Services to better understand their current lead generation and nurturing process. This helped us suggest strategic and cost-efficient ways to enhance their current efforts. This started with a 90-day road map of what actions are taken from the first phone call. One piece of which was the postcard featured.

The 4.25″ x 6″ full-color postcard will be sent out after the initial contact as a tangible reminder of the conversation. A hand-written note of thanks is received much more favorably than a sales piece with no personal touch.

Companies that excel at lead nurturing create 50% more sales-ready leads at an average of 33% less cost. Thoughtful, cost-efficient techniques and follow ups can be the difference between closing the deal or your lead closing the door.  dream ink will help your company generate an action plan from the first contact to first order.

From internal lead nurturing postcards sent by the sales team to automated email marketing incentivizing your audience to order, we can help.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Cover image of ceo program design with gold and black

CEO Program Design

Our client was looking for two concepts for their annual CEO Perspectives Reunion.  CEO’s of the largest companies in the world would be in attendance so it was very important to communicate a high-class executive look with our design.

CEO Program Design

We presented our two concepts, Menelaus and a classic gold and black cover that was consistent with materials from the year before. They chose the gold and black cover and we moved forward with high hopes the deep metallic gold would print as beautifully as it look on screen!

We organized the inside with the dinner insert in mind, and presented the FedEx speakers info most prominently.  Measuring 5.5×8.5″ and printed on a thick, glossy stock, the gold shimmered and the CEO program design was a success!

It is important to communicate a high-quality brand image at your event,  This starts with the small details, like programs and dinner cards.  Our designers have many decades experience creating dazzling, decadent and downright great event materials.

From creative custom invites and program paper stocks, to posters and promotional products to giveaway at the event, we can help. Contact us today for a free quote or set up a free consultation.

Elderly couple laughing on cover of promotional product catalog design

Catalog Design

New Vision had an outdated design for an ideas catalog going to high-end healthcare and senior living facilities.  We re-imagined the layout and worked with them to create a more appealing promotional product catalog design.

Promotional Product Catalog Design

Our quest for the perfect cover photo began with the search terms “elderly and “happy”.  We were looking for an image that would bring a bit of life and laughter to the piece- and think we found it!  Next up was finding better quality images and suggesting other products for them to include.  The client approved and we presented a final print-ready file for production.  We settled on an 8×8″ finished size and printed using an 80# gloss cover stock.

Our designs present your products and services in the most professional, impactful and memorable advertising possible.  From business stationery, brochures, or promotional product catalog design, we will build your brand with more effective marketing materials to promote with.

Whether you need full-color flyers and brochures, or a dazzling direct mail piece, we can help.  Better branding starts with better design.  For more information on our graphic design services, or for a free quote on your next print project, contact us today.

Weatherproof vinyl label printing that reads 24 Hour Service with phone number

Weatherproof Vinyl Labels

The job sites Midwest Mechanical Services work on are often subject to extreme temperatures. Their service labels are applied to everything from frigid cooler doors to HVAC machinery that experiences heavy condensation.

It was important the weatherproof vinyl label printing held up to these extremes over a long period of time. Measuring 4×6″ with rounded corners and a protective layer of lamination, they provide a long life at an affordable price.  Pantone ink matching available.

Weatherproof Vinyl Label Printing

Thanks to advancements in digital technology and relationships with several amazing high-volume label printers, no job is too big, or too small. We can print 100 labels and have them delivered the next day, or put a half million labels on the press over the next week. Call today for a free quote.

dream ink offers more than just weatherproof vinyl label printing. We can design, develop and deliver almost any label you can dream up. From four color to foil stamped, we offer quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Whether you need the most durable, the most detailed die-cut, or the quickest turn on digital labels possible, we can help. View our online catalog or the print collateral page for more info.