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A lead nurturing postcard with the Chicago skyline and corporate logo

Lead Nurturing Postcard

The conversion rate of your sales process can be improved with simple techniques such as an effective lead nurturing postcard.

Lead Nurturing Postcard

We worked with Midwest Mechanical Services to better understand their current lead generation and nurturing process. This helped us suggest strategic and cost-efficient ways to enhance their current efforts. This started with a 90-day road map of what actions are taken from the first phone call. One piece of which was the postcard featured.

The 4.25″ x 6″ full-color postcard will be sent out after the initial contact as a tangible reminder of the conversation. A hand-written note of thanks is received much more favorably than a sales piece with no personal touch.

Companies that excel at lead nurturing create 50% more sales-ready leads at an average of 33% less cost. Thoughtful, cost-efficient techniques and follow ups can be the difference between closing the deal or your lead closing the door.  dream ink will help your company generate an action plan from the first contact to first order.

From internal lead nurturing postcards sent by the sales team to automated email marketing incentivizing your audience to order, we can help.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

this is an example of Oury Roofing full color postcards

Full Color Postcards

These full-color postcards were designed for Oury Roofing Exteriors, Inc. to generate business by informing current clients of the insulation services they offer. By educating their audience on the ROI of quality insulation, attracting readers with a bright design and promising considerable savings, readers are more likely to retain the piece for future reference.

The QR code allows easy access their website for tech-savvy users who can save the info on their smartphone. This keeps users engaged with your brand who will keep your website stored in their digital device, even if they lose the postcard itself. Printed on a thick, glossy 14pt. stock, these full-color postcards are sure to attract the receiver’s attention!

Full-Color Postcards Design & Printing

Did you know that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost? Implementing an effective and consistent nurture program, such as those using full-color postcards and direct mail, can have a significant effect on your sales and success. Let our dream team design a balanced approach to keeping your audience engaged with one of our custom made nurture programs. By utilizing full-color postcards, e-mail marketing, web promotions and more, we can help generate more business and enhance visibility with those that matter most. Developing a deeper relationship with those have already put their trust in your brand is essential, and converting those who have shown an interest in your products/services to loyal customers is the key to a consistent nurture program.

Learn more about full-color postcards, design or developing an effective lead nurturing program by visiting our Marketing Services page, or Contacting us today for a free consultation!

this is an example of Sandi Auto's EDDM postcards

EDDM Postcards

These full color EDDM postcards were the first ever direct mail campaign by this auto and truck repair shop located in Willow Springs, Illinois. Sandi Auto was looking for a mail piece to generate awareness of their location which is not visible from the main thoroughfare. To stay consistent with previous marketing materials designed by the dream team, a bold yellow and black “street” themed color scheme was used for the front.

Since Willow Springs has an old town feel, we used a classic car repairman graphic with an easy to read font, service list and contact information. Since Sandi Auto does not have a website, we utilized a QR code linked to Google Maps so potential customers are able to click once for GPS enabled directions from their smartphone.

EDDM Postcards Design and Printing

Mailing EDDM postcards can save you over 65% in postage! Great for any local business looking to hit specific carrier routes and increase ROI with a cost-effective solution to direct marketing. We specialize in audience targeting, high-impact EDDM postcard design and direct mail services. From optimized mailing lists to implementing QR codes in your next promotion, dream ink makes marketing your business with direct mail an affordable advertising option.

Learn more on our Direct Mail Services page.

Streamline Craftsman EDDM Postcard - Back

Full Color EDDM Postcards

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your local business is with Every Door Direct Mail. This is a locally focused, low-cost postage program from the United States Postal Office.

These oversized full color EDDM postcards were designed to build awareness of a new home remodeling company and incentivize homeowners with cost-saving coupons. We targeted specific residential postal routes that were within a five-mile radius. These full color EDDM postcards were designed to stay consistent with Streamline’s existing materials. Incorporating a QR code and Facebook url allowed users to easily connect with the company via their preferred medium.

Full Color EDDM Postcards Printing

Mailing full color EDDM postcards can save you up to 65% on postage! Great for any local business looking to hit specific carrier routes and increase ROI with a cost-effective solution to direct marketing.

Did you know using a promotional product incentive can increase response rates up to 75%? dream ink specializes in highly effective audience targeting, high-impact EDDM postcard design and direct mail services. From optimized mailing lists to implementing QR codes in your next promotion, we make marketing your business with direct mail an affordable advertising option.

Learn more on our Direct Mail Services page.

this is an example of RTA Enterprises' flyer design

Flyer Design

This flyer design was developed for an accountant looking to drum up new business. RTA Enterprises was looking for a mailing piece to include with a personal letter for their start-up. We worked to identify her target audience, construction, and small business clients, immediately in the bullet points. A clear call-to-action with the free consultation and financial incentive make this flyer design an effective promotional piece. The benefit to their services is clearly outlined above the closing statements; all elements to a great flyer design.  These flyers were printed on a high-quality 100# gloss text and sent to current clients to generate referrals and incentivize leads before tax time.

Flyer Design and Printing

dream ink specializes in developing creative ads for any size business or budget. Our award-winning team of graphic artists are here to help you build your brand with attractive and affordable marketing materials. Whether you need corporate identity materials or other print collateral to build your brand, the dream team can help! Visit our Graphic Design page for more information or contact us for a free quote today!

this is an example of splash postcard design

Postcard Design and Printing

We created this mailing piece for a commercial printer in Batavia, Illinois. The full-color postcard design and printing were used to promote the new capabilities of our client’s newly installed digital printing equipment. We utilized a bright CMYK color scheme that really popped off the page on the high-gloss stock with a catchy tagline to highlight the benefits of digital printing.

The $50 incentive increased their traditional response rates and generated immediate digital printing sales to keep their new digital machine running. The cards were printed on a thick 130# stock and run through an inkjet machine for addressing.

Print Perfect Postcard Design and Printing

A creative design and clear call to action can be the two most important elements of any direct mail marketing piece. Your goal should be to inform and incentivize sales; this can be achieved with full color postcard printing and mailing.

dream ink offers full color postcard design and printing, audience targeting and direct mail services that enhance ROI, increase visibility and build your brand with creative marketing solutions. Whether you need a dazzling direct mail design or affordable printing options, we can help! Call today for a free consultation or visit our Direct Mail Services page for more information.

this is an example of Martinelli Eyecare's full color postcard design

Full Color Postcard Design

This full-color postcard design was developed for Martinelli Eye & Laser Center. They mentioned that many eyewear orders sit in-store for weeks, even months, after arriving. The reminder card they were sending was not the most attractive or intriguing, and also smaller than most other mail pieces. This could cause it to be easily lost in the shuffle of daily mail.

Martinelli Full Color Postcard Design

We decided on a full-color postcard design that would peak the receiver’s interest. The unique imagery and humorous headline are meant to catch the receiver’s attention and get a laugh; associating a positive interaction with the Martinelli brand. This would also increase response times for eyewear pick-ups. Printed on a thick, glossy 16 pt. cover stock with UV coating, these reminders were affordable, effective and attractive.

Need a full-color postcard design to promote your company?

We offer high-impact designs with bold messages that put your mail piece first. Call dream ink today for a free quote on your next full-color postcard design, printing or mailing project. Our Competitive-Bid Software and effective techniques can help your company find the best product, price, and production method to get the job done.

Visit our Marketing Services page for more information on how we can help build your brand!

Color postcard printing with picture of well dressed seniors who form the KB Adorables

Postcard Printing

The KB Adorables and Men in Black are a group of seniors that sing and entertain throughout the Dupage and Cook County area. dream ink is honored to facilitate the design and full-color postcard printing for this troupe that started as an expansion of a Friday morning dance and fitness class and King Bruwaert House. They rehearse weekly and change their routine with the seasons.

King Bruwaert Color Postcard Printing

These cards are printed annually and very important to the troupe. The print quality of the photo and ensuring proper color correction are always our first priority. They are printed on a thick 12 pt. c1s stock and measure 5.5″x8.5″. The uncoated backer provides contrast to the high gloss coated side. Run individually on a Heidelberg press and cut down with care. With color coordinating boas in the pic, these cards exude class and light up a mailbox!

dream ink makes designing, printing and mailing easy for your company. From optimized mailing lists to EDDM mailers, we specialize in direct mail marketing and management. Check out our print page for more info on our services, or contact us today for a free quote on your next full-color postcard printing and mailing project.

this is an example of Martinelli Eye and Laser's direct mail postcard

Direct Mail Postcards

These direct mail postcards were designed to promote a new vision plan to the eye clinic’s existing client base.

First, we separated their database into “male vs. female” and used gender-specific designs to generate maximum response. We then used a common two-color backer for cost-efficiency in production costs. The customer requested the large red boxes to stop receivers in their tracks after flipping the card over.

Printed in quantities of 10,000 per version, we then fulfilled a portion of the list each month. The 11.5″x6″ size helped them stick out and above from other mailing pieces found in the mailbox. To promote their website and cater to smartphone users we added a QR code linked to the home page. Printed on a high quality 130# gloss cover stock, these full-color direct mail postcards are perfect for any promotion!

Eye & Laser Direct Mail Postcards

We offer a wide range of mailing services, from optimized lists and design to printing and fulfillment for direct mail postcards. Our award-winning creative staff and EDDM postcard programs maximize the ROI of your direct mail campaigns.

For more information on our direct mail services or printing for your direct mail postcards, call or e-mail today!

this is an example of Gemcom Incorporated's postcard design

Full Color Postcards

These full-color postcards were designed to build awareness of Gemcom’s engraved sign services. They were looking for a unique mailing piece that would incentivize current customers who were ordering other products from them and may not have known Gemcom offers engraved signage. Promoting the free shipping deal was also an important aspect for them to promote in staying competitive price-wise with online suppliers.

Full Color Postcards Printing

These were printed on a thick 14pt. high-gloss stock and UV coated over a fire engine red background. This helped the piece stick out from the standard white #10 envelopes and smaller postcards. We also felt anyone who remembered the band Tesla and their song “Signs” would find the reference a humorous tie-in!

Offering an incentive with direct mail campaigns can generate an immediate response and increase the size of orders with customers looking to maximize their discount. Learn more results-driven techniques by hiring dream ink for your next postcard mailer.

Need a graphic artist to design your full-color postcards? Affordable high-quality printing or mailing of your postcards? A more effective strategy for your direct mail campaigns? Visit our Printed Products page for more information, or call today for a free quote or consultation.