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Logo Design Services

Statue of a man riding horse for logo design services pageA logo is your first impression. It is the centerpiece to your brand’s table setting. The cover to your company storybook.

The most effective logo designs are simple, memorable, and instantly identifiable. They communicate a perceived value of your company’s products and services 60,000x faster than the tagline or ad copy it accompanies. A logo is designed to be remembered. Relished. Reacted to.

dream ink’s award-winning graphic artists offer logo design services that supersede the standard. We work intimately with your company to cultivate a visual identity that will define your brand for decades.  Great branding should be timeless!

The Nike logo cost $35.

British Petroleum paid $211,000,000 for theirs. We promise our logo design services are priced somewhere in between.

Let's talk logo design.

Our dream team of designers and creatives will help you better your brand image.

Rebranding your business with a new logo or website can have a transformative impact on how consumers view the value of your products and services. We focus on company logos that match your brand personality. That resonate with your target audience. A great logo is timeless. We can help you develop that logo.