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Content Marketing

Shape of head with colorful rays shining our content marketing services “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

And the internet is a canvas for your creative marketing.  Connect with your audience on a human level with intelligent, intriguing, beneficial and beautifully written content. Most importantly, make it search-engine friendly, trendy and targeted.

dream ink excels in developing strategic and creative content marketing for any business application. From keyword-optimized blog posts and exceptionally effective email marketing to gated content such as ebooks and white papers, our word wizards create compelling content that is clickable and concentrated on enhancing your online presence.

78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing.

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Posts that include images produce 650% more engagement than text-only posts.
Creating compelling imagery and content unique to your brand will have a measurable impact on your marketing.
Companies that blog 20x a month get 5x more traffic than those that blog less than 4x a month.
Attract visitors with authoritative content while driving more pre-qualified visitors to your website who are more likely to purchase and engage with your brand.

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We love to create content- almost as much as creating happy customers.

The award-winning content marketing team at dream ink authors several corporate (and more casual) blogs.  We focus on developing click-worthy, keyword-optimized content the target audience is interested in.  Our creative team comes up with the unique headlines and hot topics, our SEO team optimizes it for search engines.

The top 3 formats that B2B buyers seek out to research a purchase decision are Whitepapers (78%) Case Studies (73%) and Webinars (67%).
Providing persuasive content to each decision maker will increase conversion rates and reduce the amount of time it takes to convert.

67% of buyers have made their purchasing decision before contacting your company.  We help you reach them before they have made that decision with compelling digital content and moving imagery.  By managing your content and assets effectively in a variety of formats, information on your products and services will be more accessible and useful.

48% of consumers say email is their preferred form of communication with brands.
Email marketing is effective and affordable.  Knowing the tricks of the trade can save your company many hours and thousands of dollars.

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your website.  Like direct mail, it should be done on a consistent basis to be successful.  In addition, eliminating postage for the send button and expensive lists for opt-in email databases has its benefits.

The average company that blogs gets 97% more inbound links.  Being a guest blogger can be even better.
Positioning your content on other high-traffic sites can grow your audience by attracting like-minded readers and creating high-value link backs.

For a more comprehensive approach to achieving better search engine visibility, visit our Online Presence Management page.