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Picture of dream ink's owner as a child painting dream ink began on the 2nd floor of my parent’s home in Wheaton, Illinois.

This is where I spent much of my childhood drawing cartoons, writing short stories and illustrating magazines. These ranged from funny to detention-worthy (according to my fourth-grade teacher). It was 1986 when new Macintosh computers were installed at my Mother’s office, and I discovered Pagemaker and MacPaint. These tools allowed me to produce my cartoons, magazines, and ideas faster than ever before, and I had to discover you get paid for this stuff.

Fast forward ten years as I began my career as a graphic designer in a small poster shop, living in a smaller apartment with my son. I accepted my first “job with a title” as Design Assistant at a commercial print shop, but that was short-lived due to lack of work. They did, however, ask me to stay on as the production assistant. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my career.


To sell a product really well, you need to understand how it is made.

For several years I cut paper, listened to pressman, learned each piece of equipment, and assisted running Baum folders and stitchers that were older than myself. Thanks to the world’s best damn production manager, I learned quite a bit about the print trade, soaking in the designs, traits of paper stocks and production values that went into producing the perfect printed piece.

Years later I worked for the nation’s largest wholesale printer as Sales and Marketing Director. I learned web design and online marketing from agency partners and developers and led the sales department at a sister company of the nation’s largest retail printer. In addition, I worked with a commercial printer to enhance their web presence, marketing campaigns and internal technology. These relationships became invaluable as I began a new journey as a business owner.

Nearly a decade later, dream ink has become an award-winning dream team of traditional and digital marketing masterminds, graphic artists, web designers and print professionals. Our goal has always been to help our clients make the most informed purchasing and advertising decisions to build their brand. Furthermore, we are excited by the individual challenges each industry, company and online landscape presents to marketing your products and services. We aim to build meaningful relationships with those that want something better for their brand.

Better is here. I look forward to learning more about your company’s goals and how our marketing services can help achieve them.


Jason McSweeney

Marketing Mastermind at dream ink and Joint Media Marketing


The dream team at dream ink.

Where else will you find a pre-qualified network of award-winning creatives, industry leaders and digital marketers working to build your brand?


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