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6 Content Marketing Channels to Increase Your Bottom Line

A strong content marketing campaign attracts customers on the web. But it’s clear that in 2017, there is still some confusion as to what that means.

A recent survey at HubSpot found that 79 percent of businesses believe that the use of content marketing is either very, or quite effective. At the same time only 6 percent were definitely sure how to implement content marketing.

A strong content marketing campaign starts with an engaging website and blog, geared toward enticing your reader to take action. It should also take into consideration your strongest methods of communication, combined with knowledge of where your potential audience is already talking about your subject matter.

Below are six often overlooked, but compelling ways to reach your audience.

Email – Sending regular blog posts, newsletters, and other business updates to your list can keep you top of mind. Email also has a great return on investment. For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38, according to Constant Contact.

Video – We live in a visual world, and your audience’s marketing consumption is no different. In fact, including video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80 percent, according to HubSpot.

Podcasting – Podcasts give people some content to mull over while they are driving, walking or otherwise engaged. They can be a great way to share valuable industry insights. With 67 million monthly podcast listeners in the U.S, podcasts are more prevalent than Catholicism, according to Convince and Convert.

Case studies – Case studies allow you to easily turn your message into a story. They inform readers of the conflict your customer experienced, and how they overcame that conflict with the help of your product or service. Remember, people buy based on emotion – making this a powerful way to earn social credibility.

Infographics – Infographics offer a great way to tell your story in a visual manner. They work well for breaking down a complicated issue into more manageable chunks. A well-designed and informative infographic will also get shared more and bolster your brand.

eBooks – Why not take your most successful blog posts and turn them into an eBook? You don’t have to write hundreds of pages of new material to be published. You can convert to an Amazon book, or a simple PDF, and create a piece of core content that will drive you more business.

You don’t have to try all these methods at once to be successful. Marketing fatigue is a real thing. But you can pick one or two and experiment with them. Take a look at your industry and find out how your potential customers are consuming content.

Expanding your content marketing channels can be a great way to find new business. Remember, if you want to reach your audience using a method that may be beyond your skill set, you can always hire a professional.

What’s worked for you? What content marketing channels have been a success for your business?

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Jason McSweeney

Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.