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The Powerful Persistence of Print Advertising

The first record of print advertising is from 1836 when a French newspaper charged for space in the newspaper.

Nearly two centuries later, print is still a powerful piece of collateral for your company to use to reach consumers.  While online marketing channels are reaching more and more people, it is important to note that print advertising also remains a strong method for marketing your business.

There’s no doubt newspapers are struggling, but the impact of taking out a print ad for your business remains strong. According to a study by Fluent and a corresponding graphic by Marketing Charts, the effectiveness of a print ad is only surpassed by television.

Good old-fashioned newspaper advertising is still important, and the U.S. still has the highest number of print outlets in the world. There is more to print advertising than just newspapers, however. A well-constructed mailer, brochure, or flyer can also help you build your brand and grow your bottom line. A piece of every door direct mail (EDDM) can notify a neighborhood, subdivision or entire city of your presence.

Print appeals to the sense of touch. You are putting something physical and tangible in your customers’ hands. You can texture a logo, use a scratch off for smell, or thermography for heat. Any of these ways can deliver your message in a highly original way.

Chart of marketing channels with print advertising being 2nd best

What A Print Advertising Campaign Means for You

56% of consumers trust print more than any other advertising method. A strong print campaign can build trust, awareness, and stand out in a digital world. Whether your ad is delivered through a newspaper or in the form of a mailer or brochure, it can add the perfect touch to round out your marketing campaign.

Print can be an effective tool and is often used by retailers and restaurants. But if your business falls outside those categories, a powerful ad can grab your audience’s attention simply by being unexpected. It may offer an under-utilized way to reach your customer base, that your competitors aren’t doing enough to take advantage of.

A quality print ad should carry your message in an effective manner. It should be enough to entice your prospect to act – and give them enough information to do so.

Supplementing Your Online Presence

Your business’s marketing channels work in concert with one another. In fact, 44 percent of buyers visit a company website after receiving a piece of direct mail.

Print guides users to your website or social media with QR codes, personalized url’s and incentives. There is a significant part of your audience that is not tuned into Facebook or surfing the web on any regular basis – it is your job to direct them there with other forms of media they are consuming. Postcards. Letters. Magazines.

A brochure or flyer at a networking event can be a great way to build your brand. They offer the perfect means for a “first touch” with a customer. Once people have joined your online marketing efforts, they can stay more updated with your information.

Print can be a great way to tell the people you come across in the “real world” about the great things your business is doing. It is a good idea to have your print marketing materials professionally done since it will carry the weight of your business name.

As we hear more about the power of online marketing, it’s important to remember that print advertising is not going anywhere, and can be a great way to enhance your business.

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Jason McSweeney

Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.