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Pair of conductor's hands directing the words the sweet symphony of successful marketing

The Sweet Symphony of Successful Marketing

A lot of stress has been placed on the digital aspect of marketing in the past decade.

However, it takes more than a beautiful website to win over every consumer. A concert of channels and media must work together to form a consistent message and sound, like an orchestra. When each piece is in tune and on time, a beautiful symphony can be heard (and seen) through your marketing materials and communications.

Let us look at the key instruments in your marketing orchestra:

Your Brand – Like the string section, your brand reaches across all channels, impacting every communication that your business makes with potential customers. The violins, cellos, and bass all have to work together to improve a coordinated sound. Your brand should be at the forefront of every communication you make with a customer. The message on your various marketing channels needs to communicate in strong cohesion.

The Web – The web is a central focus of your marketing campaign, as it should be. It becomes a highly visible channel for your communication efforts. It’s integral in enhancing the rest of your message. This is not unlike the wind section of an orchestra, integral in enhancing the rest of that symphony sound.

Promotions – Events, logoed products, corporate apparel – these three instruments often play off each other. Some need a deep, full reach and distinct sound like a tuba. Others are a short burst, not unlike the sound of a trumpet.

Print – Your print media is similar to the percussion session. Its role can vary depending on the song, but it can keep the beat with everything you do. It may not always be as crucial and can give way to other sections inside the orchestra when the moment calls for it. In a significant marketing campaign, your brochures and other print materials can provide the punctuated beat that keeps the rhythm of your campaign.

Email Marketing – Your email marketing is the gong of the orchestra. Not necessary in every moment, and not to be overplayed, but when you need to make a strong emphasis at the height of the moment your email marketing can hit a very direct note that has high-probability of resonating with your audience.

Expertise – A great conductor will lead your orchestra to play the sweet symphony his audience wants to hear. Whether you outsource your marketing or handle internally, having the right conductor is often the key to achieving success.

Attaining a Complete Sound

If you are missing parts of the orchestral sound, the song won’t sound quite right. You may not have the audience buy-in you were hoping for. When you forgo a piece of your marketing campaign, you miss opportunities to achieve complete visibility and educate your audience about all your business is doing.

What elements of your marketing efforts are working together well- or not so well? Is it time for fine tuning or a new instrument altogether?

About the Author

Jason McSweeney

Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.