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Four Elements To A Successful 2016 Content Marketing Strategy

With more consumers spending time online and on social media sites, 2016 is as good of a time as ever to ramp up your content marketing efforts.

Many small to medium-sized businesses struggle to keep up with the competition’s million dollar marketing budgets, especially in a less than perfect economy. The good news is that struggle doesn’t have to financially bleed small businesses. Content marketing and strategic content promotion can easily level the playing field between businesses of varying size.

There has never been a better time to build your digital presence. Your 2016 content marketing strategy requires planning, pre-budgeting, and implementation. 2016 is a great time to expand your content marketing efforts, and branch out to use a variety of tools. Most of these tools require a time investment but can be used on a minimal budget.

1) Video – Don’t Neglect Your Visual Learners

Video accounts for more than 57 percent of all online traffic. That is more than four times the amount of web browsing and email. The important thing to keep in mind is various segments of your audience will want to learn in different ways. While blog text may work for some, others might be visual learners, preferring video.

Video more than likely resonates with the people you are trying to reach. For example, 75 percent of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly.

Videos on landing pages have a significant impact, increasing conversion rates by 86 percent. Just remember to tailor your content to your audience, and include a clear call to action.

2) Keep Blogging

We are moving toward a future in 2020 when customers will manage 85 percent of their relationships without talking to a human. This means they are likely to conduct any research on their own, and could likely seek out your blog while looking for a trusted resource.

Another advantage to blogging is that it doesn’t require a significant financial cost – just time. Your blog should be informative and resourceful, and a way to build credibility with your audience.

It’s a great organic space on your website to build an audience and create your brand. The key is to be consistent. You’ll want to write on a consistent basis, and you’ll need to make an effort to promote your work to reach your audience.

In addition to your blog, case studies and white papers can also be a way to reach your readers with valuable information.

3) Building an Email List

While businesses and marketers may debate the effectiveness of email marketing, the numbers don’t lie. Email marketing delivers an estimated 4,300 percent return on investment. That equates to a $44 return for every dollar spent on email marketing.

A well-built email list combined with a strategic campaign can do wonders for your business. 2016 will be a great time to start building that list. Consider giving away a well-written e-book or white paper in exchange for email addresses to build your list. There are a variety of ways that list can be monetized.

4) Social Media Promotion

Social media remains a great way to build your brand and expand your audience. It has a global penetration of around 30 percent, so chances are your audience is already using social media. You just need to find them.

It’s not just about reaching people and the size of your audience, however. The key is to engage with your audience and use your selected platforms to build the type of relationships that will result in business.

Getting started

These tools can be used in conjunction with each other to drive traffic to your website. Once traffic arrives, quality content is necessary to convert that traffic into sales.

What content marketing strategies worked for your business in the past? What elements do you plan on using to boost your business in 2016? Now is the time to plan and strategize to make 2016 a great year for your business.

For many organizations, outsourcing content creation, management, and promotion can be infinitely more effective than trying to do it yourself. If you are spending too much time on your content marketing, make sure to consider this option for a successful 2016 content marketing strategy.

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