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Man pointing to the words 99 problems but a blog ain't one

99 Problems But A Blog Ain’t One

The year is ’94 and I’m in sophomore Algebra writing song lyrics instead of solving complex equations.

Around the same time, Justin Hall creates, what is now recognized as the first blog ever published online. Two decades later, blogging has become one of the most powerful content marketing tools for any size business to reach over 3.17 billion internet users — and I have yet to write a hot verse for Jigga.

I have authored (and illustrated, in poor taste) a book about my 4th-grade teacher being an alien that a friend and I were awarded a week of lunch detentions for. More notable literary accomplishments include winning national writing competitions for Vibe Magazine, the Advertising Speciality Institute, and WCKG Radio. As a graphic designer for the last seventeen years, I learned to write effective copy on a tight deadline with limited real estate.  In sales and marketing positions with the nation’s largest commercial and wholesale printers, I worked with hundreds of clients to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing message and materials.  It all seems to have been practice for what has now become three essential elements to building a brand in 2015:  developing an effective website with compelling and unique content, engaging users with a creative marketing strategy, and generating clickable online content your audience finds relevant.  A blog is a perfect place to start.

But not every business has the creative ability to write a blog, the tech-savvy to publish one, or the marketing know-how to promote one.  Here are four solutions for any size business to find the best blogging solution to meet their needs:


A dedicated in-house blogger who is entrenched in your industry and daily operations should be your first consideration — even if they aren’t an English major. Developing this position from within can have a significant impact on the authenticity of your content to the audience simply by speaking their language. You may be surprised to find one of your employees studied, is willing to learn, or already authors a blog.


Finding an affordable and talented blogger through the internet is not difficult. Finding one capable of writing consistently intriguing copy on (insert your industry here) with keyword and SEO knowledge can be more of a challenge. There are many online services and sites like LinkedIn or to find a proficient blogger for your business.

Content Marketing Company

Content marketing firms focus on generating search-engine friendly content at affordable per-project rates. Unlike SEO/SEM companies (see below), they do not require a lengthy time commitment or hundreds of dollars each month to maintain. Depending on the topic and research required, a 300-word article can run anywhere from $25-$300.

SEO/SEM Company

An SEO company encompasses many digital marketing strategies to enhance visibility in search engines, part of which is a blog. Their expertise analyzing keywords relevant to your industry, creating content around those with the most impact to search engine rankings, and providing detailed reporting of campaigns and ROAS is unparalleled. Reputable SEO/SEM companies are highly effective but often require a 6-12 month commitment and $500/month budget.


If you have less than 99 problems but a blog is one, contact Jason McSweeney, compelling content creator here at dream ink.

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Jason McSweeney

Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.

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