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Increase Search Engine Rankings

If you’re looking to increase search rankings for your business but don’t have a huge budget, start with the basics. There are many easy and free or low-cost techniques to begin building a more visible brand online which can have a significant impact on search engine rankings. Here are just a few that can be done internally, quickly and with little to no financial commitment.

Create Unique Content

Consumers don’t want to be interrupted with an ad, they want to be educated on why your product or service is a better value.  Updating sales copy to be more effective and concise,  publishing an informative and well-written company blog and naming images appropriately. A more current and creative way to present information on your products and services is an effective infographic design and topic.

Little Details

Having accurate metadata and alt tags are small details that are sometimes overlooked in creating a website.  Even small improvements such as adding crosslinks to improve the user experience while creating opportunities to use and rank for long tail keywords is an effective technique to increase search engine rankings.

Mobile Optimization

Google implemented a mobile friendly algorithm on April 21, 2015, which will “reward” sites that are mobile-optimized. While nobody knows what this ultimately means to their individual site in search rankings, the general consensus is having a responsive or adaptive site will be a significant advantage. If your website was built in WordPress, there are several plug-ins and solutions to get your site up to snuff.


High-quality backlinks are one of the best ways to increase search rankings. The strategy is to have your site link on a site with more traffic that will find your content relevant. There are many strategies, and scams when it comes to acquiring backlinks that search engines find reputable. Either do thorough research or hire a trusted and experienced web development firm to handle this for you.

Social Media

Take advantage of the digital channels available to your business free of charge. By engaging with your audience on a regular basis with interesting, relevant content, you will build brand loyalty and drive traffic to your website. Use Facebook for a casual outlet to interact with those you have an inherited trust with, Twitter to build a broader audience using hashtags, and Instagram for a more visual presentation of your brand.


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