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Did you know custom 3M Post it Notes were created by accident?

While attempting to develop a super-strong adhesive at 3M, a scientist accidentally created a low-tack, reusable and pressure-sensitive one.  Without a functional purpose at the time, the idea as a paper reminder circulated internally at 3M until Press n’ Peel was released in 1977. With poor sales, that name didn’t stick; thus the Post-it Note was born.  Ironically, I used one to remind me to write this post tonight!

Today, 3M Post-it notes are one of the most ubiquitous paper products in the history of trees. Stuck to millions of desks, doors, and refrigerators every day, they are one of the dream team’s favorite promotional products.  Aesthetically-appealling, universally functional, and affordable. While occupying prime real estate on your lead or client’s desk, they are universally functional and affordable even for the minimum order of 20 pads.  For maximum visibility and guaranteed long desk life, we recommend the 3M Post-it Cubes with five-sided printing.

A recent study showed that 84% of people remembered the names of advertisers who had given them promotional items. I wonder how many of those promotional items were custom 3M Post it Notes?







3M offers free set-up and 48 hour turnaround on most products with low minimums.  View their full line of patented products by visiting their website,

Our team recently calculated the cost-per-impression for an order of post-it-cubes for a client.  Their order of 250 cubes with 250 sheets per cube will achieve a minimum of 62,500 impressions of their brand.  This did not include the number of times a post-it note was saved or viewed multiple times.  The cost-per-impression was .025 per, well below nearly every other form of promotion.

Check out the custom Post-It cubes we delivered to our client, Midwest Mechanical Services, by clicking here.




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