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5 Marketing Stats You Should Know

The dream team presents five eye-opening statistics to help our readers make more informed marketing decisions in 2015.  Here are 5 marketing stats you should know!

82% of consumers and small businesses use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to find products and services.

Forget the phone book, the digital divide is growing and those who utilize web marketing are reaching their audience more often, more effectively, and more cost-efficiently.


On average, users spend 8-10 seconds on your website’s homepage before leaving if they don’t connect with your message.

Capturing the online audience and converting them to customers takes more than a free site from Wix. An aesthetically pleasing custom website design that is optimized for search engines will pay for itself if programmed and promoted properly.


39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising.

70% of this same group had renewed relationships with businesses that they had previously ceased using because of a direct mail piece. The tangible advantage of printed products can still be powerful in this increasingly digital age.


Over 35% of promotional products are kept for over two years or more.

Interruption advertising may be losing its luster, but building positive experiences with high-perceived value long-life logo’d products has proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods for building brand awareness and loyalty.


3 in 5 small/mid-size businesses say they have gained new customers using social media.

Social media is the new word-of-mouth. While your boss thinks Facebook is for teens wasting time, over 1.19 billion monthly active users interact with brands and events they are passionate about on a regular basis.


Looking for more marketing stats you should know? Contact a member of the dream to start marketing your business effectively.


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Jason McSweeney

Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.

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