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Jason McSweeney Named One of “13 Rookies On The Rise”

Congratulations to Jason McSweeney for being named one of thirteen “Rookies on the Rise” by Advantages Magazine.

Jason McSweeney is the founder and Marketing Mastermind of dream ink.  He was recently mentioned as a Rookie on the Rise by the leading promotional products publication. Here is an excerpt published in November 2011 by Advantages Magazine:

His Story:  McSweeney has always been an artsy person, focusing on drawing, writing and reading as a kid.  “I had my first son when I was 16 so I joined the workforce and ended up with a poster printer,” he says.  In printing he dealt with every department, so he learned more about working with each client from concept to completion.  After 13 years of experience with a large retail printer, wholesale chains and ad agencies, McSweeney branched out on his own.  “I started dream ink nearly four years ago to offer better service and streamlined purchasing,” he says.  “I saw a real lack of promotional products in the printing industries.”

Now his clients include engineers, investigators, insurance agents, doctors and fitness folk, along with local print shops who utilize him for his expertise in design and promotional product procurement.  “I don’t do a lot of cold calling.  I’m not an aggressive sales guy.  We’re not making 100 calls and getting one business card order out of it,” he says.  McSweeney’s clients recognize that his style is unique.  “One of my clients got bronchitis a few weeks ago. Her company had a few trade show displays and itemsfor upcoming events it was preparing for and we had an order that was in limbo when she landed in the hospital.  I made an executive decision and we got everything to her on the day she returned.  We got a great e-mail from her saying that’s why she loved working with us.” he says.

See the full article from Advantages Magazine here starting on page 90. Advantages Magazine November 2011

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Jason McSweeney

Jason is the founder, Marketing Mastermind and lead content creator here at dream ink. His number one goal is helping businesses build their brand with creative, effective and memorable advertising.

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