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Unique Apparel Feature In Wearables Magazine

Unique Apparel Feature in Wearables Magazine

dream ink’s feature in the newest edition of Wearables has everyone talking about our unique apparel options! Let us create the perfect glow-in-the-dark, metallic foil, glitter or puff printed piece to promote your brand, big event or business IN STYLE! Or take advantage of our unbeatable corporate apparel pricing with our quality-driven embroidery experts.  Read an excerpt:

Add a Personal Touch to Apparel
Distributors have found that clients are frequently asking for unique apparel to be personalized in some way. For example, dream ink (asi/183364) works with a fitness center that runs a boot-camp program for those looking for a more disciplined approach to their exercise regimen. Jason McSweeney, president of dream ink, helped the client put together promotional packages to give to those who signed on for longer programs, and is now looking to embroider shirts with the members’ names on them.

“We will embroider and customize it for them,” says McSweeney, adding that he is also looking into getting a camouflage pattern on the shirts to keep with the boot-camp theme and make it something fun that participants could show off to friends and family. “You want it to feel like a serious thing, and including a customer shirt makes them feel special. You want people to feel like they’re enlisted,” he says.

Adding a personalized element can boost the perceived value of the product by featuring not only names, but inside jokes, nicknames or other additions. In addition to actually embroidering names or personalized elements onto the wearables, distributors are also seeking other options. Randy Carr, CEO of World Emblem (asi/98264), says that he is seeing growing interest in name badges that can be worn on apparel and removed if desired.

“Some businesses are getting a little more formal and may require a suit or outfit where people are actually purchasing their own clothing,” Carr says. “People are getting away from the traditional emblem look and opting for the name badge.”

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