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Face with creativity in marketing flowing out of brain

The Immense Value of Creativity In Marketing

The idea that creativity is important in marketing is not exactly novel – that’s probably why it’s topped the strategy priorities of organizations polled by the Boston Consulting Group for seven of eight years tested.

Nevertheless, too many organizations and companies fail to get it right, and there’s little point knowing creativity is important in marketing if you can’t use that knowledge to improve the ways you connect with customers new and old.

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Printing press in background with the persistence of print advertising text in front

The Powerful Persistence of Print Advertising

The first record of print advertising is from 1836 when a French newspaper charged for space in the newspaper.

Nearly two centuries later, print is still a powerful piece of collateral for your company to use to reach consumers.  While online marketing channels are reaching more and more people, it is important to note that print advertising also remains a strong method for marketing your business.

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Woman In Santa Hat Looking At Holiday Promotions More Effective

How To Make Your Holiday Promotions More Effective

December is always brimming with advertisements for Christmas gift ideas, New Year’s Eve festivities, and big box bargains. The market is large this time of year, but it’s also very full – so here are some tips on making your business stand out using easy and cost-efficient ways to make your holiday promotions more effective without a big box budget.

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Orange, green, red and yellow stripes with the words How Colors Influence Buying Behavior on top

How Colors Influence Buying Behavior

What’s your favorite color?

It’s not necessarily the color I’m after– it’s your reason. We, as a society, are obsessed with color. According to the handy infographic below, color determines up to 90% of people’s initial judgment on an item, and 80% of consumers say that color increases brand recognition.

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Yellow speech bubble with the words The Case For Content Marketing inside

The Case For Content Marketing

More content is being produced in 48 hours than was produced from the beginning of time until 2003, according to Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Think about that fact for a moment. It gives you a tiny glimpse at the vast size and growth rate of the Internet. This trend allows for endless possibilities to grab the attention of your reader. It opens the door to a new way to brand your business and engage with your customer.

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5 Ways to Improve SME Branding written on Scrabble titles

5 Ways to Improve SME Branding

Small/medium enterprises are often plagued by a lack of manpower and/or budget when it comes to the marketing department.

While the biggest brands in the world often have the biggest budgets, your SME can not only compete but flourish by making informed decisions, promoting great design, and concentrating on the channels proven to be most successful.  Many SME’s have great ideas without the knowledge of technology or advertising techniques to use them effectively.  Others have a large budget that is spent inefficiently, promotes an uninspiring creative effort, or executed poorly.  So what are a few ways to improve SME branding?

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Instagram brand colors with How to Leverage Instagram Stories for Business in white text

How To Leverage Instagram Stories for Business

The latest buzz around the social media sphere this week is Instagram’s blatant adoption of Snapchat’s integral MyStory feature.

By bringing in the ephemeral, steady stream of user’s day to day activities, Instagram has officially integrated its high-end picture posting platform with the casual, frequent picture posting of Snapchat.  Learning how to leverage Instagram Stories for business just may be your most valuable opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

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Black background with white text reading web design lessons from successful companies

Web Design Lessons From Successful Companies

Now more than ever, excellent web design is crucial for a business to attract and convert online consumers.

Here’s how brands like Apple, Tesla, Evernote and Wonderful use beautiful, interactive and trend-setting web design to promote their brands- and how Kennedy & Oswald makes history engaging through design.  These web design lessons should become the building blocks for your company’s next website design.

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Book opening to mountain background for the rise of interactive storytelling in digital marketing article

The Rise of Interactive Storytelling In Digital Marketing

With more businesses catching on to the importance and potential ROI of digital marketing, the Internet is being flooded with original content creation.

The competition is stiff for standing out and attracting consumer’s eyes and clicks. What used to a relatively easy thing to do is requiring more analytical research and in-depth creative processing for broadcasting a truly unique business branding. In order to move past consumer’s desensitization towards branded content, businesses have turned their attention to interactive storytelling for resonating with audiences.

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Blue background with the words marketing technology your business should be using in white

Marketing Technology Your Business Should Be Using

Maybe traditional media and word of mouth have been successful in driving new leads to your business for decades.

Maybe sales are growing without the aid of a dominating online presence, tweets about your brand, or an effective email marketing campaign. But, if your competition has a better grasp of today’s trends and tomorrow’s technology, they have a tremendous advantage to gaining market share and appealing to the online audience your advertising is neglecting.

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